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How I discovered my dream partner

My name is Lynnette X. I am a 28-year old pharmacist. I am very picky and have special needs when it comes to romance. My journey to finding a suitable fetish partner began with countless soul searching episodes...

Hot and sensuous brunette with long curly hair in high heels and eye-catching lingerie

Once I understood my motivations well, I dived into the deep blue sea to find the object of my desire. It's a big place filled with a wide variety of men species - I had one kind in mind. I was in search of men who not enjoy female domination but a number of other fantasies, including rear-end worship, golden showers and trap-on play. I love playing the dominating role, I find the idea of men giving up power highly arousing. This form of domination and submission fetish started when I was still in high school but I never got to find the right person to share it with. Before venturing into the big pond to play, I prepped myself for a topsy turvy ride. women looking for men must approach the playground with equal parts flexibility, patience and open mindedness. In some cases, women need to learn certain lessons before making the right turn towards the ideal target. In my case, I had to learn not to be too quick to judge. Although I was initially taken aback by the controlling attitudes of some blokes I met, it didn't take long for me to unearth submissive fantasies hidden under the tough guy exteriors. So, I kept on connecting with a wide array of like-minded single men.

Selecting the attributes of the ideal partner

While keeping myself open to intriguing romantic experiences, I never let my guard down by ignoring the red flags associated with women looking for men. The fetish culture has its fair share of rogues and I was never going to allow any of them to come closer and ruin my plans. Fortunately, I met well-behaved men that deserved a chance to be heard. A relationship involving BDSM typically requires high levels of trust and first impressions play a major role in determining how far potential mates could go. The self-discovery process helped me quickly narrow down the list of prospects. I discovered that most men I met at bars were more open to exploring new adventures but I wasn't willing to partner anyone who is new to the kink culture. I wanted an experienced pair of hands that come with a muscular body, square-jawed good looks and a heavy dose of sharp wit. I strongly prefer men with a way with words to go with the fetish fun. I also needed someone who was ready for an exclusive relationship. If attraction was the only criteria on my list, I probably would have cut the time I spent looking for a play partner in half. I met many hot and likeable men that made me enjoy the search (women looking for men). Although age was not key to my choice, I was wary of anyone younger than me. One of the men I met online turned out to be a really good match on every other front save for maturity. Sadly, he was way too playful and unrefined for my liking.

Women looking for men: Meeting my fetish partner

This voyage of discovery led to meetings with interesting members of the BDSM community, some of whom became close friends. They are the cherry on top but I more satisfied with my big prize that has turned into a play partner, best friend and confidante. His name is Patrick, a medium built 32-year old university lecturer with big brown eyes that make my heart skip a beat. We met through an online dating site where we chatted regularly via webcam before deciding to meet in person at a local restaurant. It didn't take long for sparks to fly and we were on our way to amazing fetish encounters at my place and in some cases at his penthouse. He simply outshone all other potential play mates who made it to the last 10. Patrick knows how to make me laugh, smile and rock my world with innovative kinky styles. Up to now, we have been exploring our shared love for BDSM. I transform him from a macho guy into an obedient servant that worships the ground I walk on. At first, I was bit nervous and unsure of whether my performance would match up to his standards. Fortunately, he made me feel at ease and I became comfortable in my skin with this hunky, gorgeous kinky partner. We spend a lot of time together during off-the-clock hours and weekends. We frequent top Chinese restaurants and nightclubs to enjoy the vibrant local night scene. Patrick and I are truly a match made in heaven both indoors and outdoors.

Experiencing my wildest fantasies

Life after meeting Patrick has been simply fascinating; it has led me to a new voyage of discovery. He has introduced me to new erogenous zones, I didn't know about. He loves it when I put on a corset and approach him with a paddle or flogger. I get aroused by the submissive look in his eyes when I yell out commands and tease him with shapely thighs. I dutifully deliver both pain and pleasure like a true erotic goddess while he cowers at my feet. We have invested in a number of alluring new props and costumes for our newly found sex partnership. Exploring fresh femdom ideas lends a thrilling twist to our romance. We tend to pick role playing scenarios that combine a bit of pain and intensity. It helps us experience an extensive range of emotions and sensations. I salivate at the thought of unleashing my inner bully towards my receptive man. I enjoy watching him worship my feet; he passionately licks, kisses and caresses every inch of my feet while I dish out rude comments. Some of the more extreme acts we have enjoyed include cock and ball bondage using a cage, stretchy cock rings and the "gates of hell" device. Occasionally, Patrick likes to dress up in garter belters, stockings and frill underpants in a routine we call sissification. I get aroused by how pretty and girly this hunk looks, particularly when I splash his face with makeup. However, I never shower him with compliments - only verbal abuse on how hideous and weak he looks. Our impact play typically involves a long-tailed flogger or cane to deliver intense sensations.

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