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Best Friends Partying Hard and Having Fun Together

My name is Kara and me and my friend Tiffany have been BFFs since second grade. In our group of friends, we're known as the "party queens" and it's always been that way.

 Two sexy girls set out for a night of partying

Tiff and I go out and look out for each other while we have a good time...and somewhere along the way we discovered that we have two major things in common: one, we both like to hook up with guys anywhere, anytime and two, we sometimes like to hook up with each other too. We both work as administrative assistants in a large manufacturing plant and on weekends we let loose. We both turned 25 this year, so we thought we'd step up our game and take it to the next level.

Tired of the bar scene

Now don't get me wrong - as two women looking for men, we had no trouble finding guys to hook up with in bars and night clubs! Tiff is tall, slender and blonde and I'm a bit shorter and rounder with dark curly air but the blokes have always liked my curves. The trouble with bars is, you probably won't find two decent guys together and they're probably also really drunk when you do. And - there's a lot of unwanted attention there too, stumbling drunks that we wouldn't want to hook up with sober. After talking about it over cocktails, Tiff took out her tablet and started looking online. We found a website where we could set up a profile for free and so we took a couple of selfies and started posting right away: "Two Women Looking for Men." We were looking for the complete experience - two guys who would want to hook up with the two of us us together in a foursome. We couldn't believe it! We barely got a drink in before our message box was full of replies!

Hooking up online for offline fun!

There were too many replies to even look at all at once, but one of the first caught both our eyes. It came from a couple of guys who were out at a night club - like us! - and looking for fun. They'd taken a selfie and it looked kinda like ours - a couple of mates with one arm around each other and the other around a drink. Kara and I looked over the photo a few times and liked what we saw - two guys our age, one dark-skinned and one blonde, both sexy... What could we lose? So, we messaged them back and made plans to meet up at the club where they were across town. In the taxi on the way, Tiff and I got the party started... I reached over and started kissing her soft lips, one hand sliding up her short skirt to stroke her wet little clit. 'You're not wearing panties you naughty girl,' I told her and the taxi driver nearly swerved off the road! We both laughed as he apologized. How could he help himself, the poor man? I pulled down her neckline to nibble on her nipples, trying to hide it behind the seat so he wouldn't see but Tiff started to giggle and almost gave us away again.

A night to remember - times four!

Once we got to the club, me and Tiff were really hot and ready to go. The club was packed but our dates weren't hard to spot. They had a gaggle of other girls around them at the bar but we got their attention right away. The first thing I did was slide up to Mr. Blonde and whisper to him what we'd been doing in the taxi while Tiff poured herself over Tall, Dark and Handsome. Needless to say, within minutes we were in another taxi on the way to a motel. Tom and Derek were both competitive swimmers, lean and muscular and very adventurous, just like me and Tiff. We started by putting on a little show for Tom and Derek, kissing and licking and stripping each other until they couldn't hold back anymore. The rest of the night was a fantastic blur of Tiff, Tom and Derek inside and outside of me. Tom and Derek weren't into each other but we did every other combination and to cap off the experience, all four of us in a chain - Derek inside of me licking Tiff sucking Tom. Tiff and I can hardly wait to check our "Two Women Looking for Men" ad again to see who's next!

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