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Dating is a Tricky Game for a Woman

Dating can be a tricky game when you’re a woman, let me tell you. Conventional wisdom might suggest that the more attractive you are, the easier it should be. I'm here to tell you, this is not really true.

Blond women with sunglasses

My lack of humility on the issue allows me to state that I am what would generally be considered classically 'hot'. I'm about 5'9, I've got the breasts of Pamela Anderson and the face of Winona Ryder. My ass is somewhere in between the two, I guess. You'd think a girl in my situation wouldn't have many problems when it come to dates. She must have her pick of the litter, you might think. While it is true I get offered dates by a lot of men, the results can be a bit hit and miss. The thing is I'm looking for men who I like, not men who like me. However, I wanted to take a little time today tell you about an experience that taught me how to get more out even the strangest of dates.

This one guy...

So, after registering for some Australian dating apps, I'm sitting in a restaurant waiting for this tinder date to turn up and then this....guy....walks through the door. I swear, from the way, he walked in, you'd think that nobody had ever walked through a door before and he'd just invented it. He strode past the hostess waiting to greet him and walked straight to my table. 'You must be Eustace' was the first statement he sent barreling in my direction that night. Yes readers, my name is Eustace. Crap parents, alright. Can we move on? Anyway, he sits down, turns to the waitress who has actually yet to reach the table and says 'we'll have the lobster'. Then he turns back to me and winks. 'You're going to love it' he says. It's at this point that I realize that either this guy lives in a Fantasyland of his own making or he is a little nervous and trying way too hard to cover it. Either way, I see the potential for this evening turning into a bit of an awkward nightmare. So, seeing as I figure I've got nothing to lose, I decide to get a little playful. 'You need to check in your jacket at the back' I tell him, pointing towards the toilet. He looks around to where I'm pointing and looks back to me with a confused expression. 'Really?' he says 'back there?'Oh yeah, no doubt about it.' He gets up and strides away so purposefully that he fails to notice me getting up and following him.

A little lesson

I get to watch his purposefulness turn to confusion and then bewilderment as the corridor I send him to dead ends in a unisex toilet. I can't help but notice at the same time that he does have a pretty cracking ass. The final expression of utter puzzlement on his face as he turns and sees me waiting behind he is exquisite. 'In' I say, staring him dead in the eyes. 'Okay'. 'Once we're inside the respectably plush bathroom, to give the restaurant its due, I look him in the eye again and I tell him 'knees'. The goof looks at mine for a second before it clicks and he lower himself to the ground. The mono-word conversation is working for my so I just say 'beg'. 'Beg' he parrots, hoping for more. I don't give him anything else but that very same straight-eye stare. 'I'll do anything' he blurts, finally clicking into the game. 'That's a good start' I say, smiling and lifting up my skirt the reveal the absence of underwear. His eyes widen, then he smiles and shuffles forward on his knees and puts his tongue straight on my clit. I watch his head rotate slowly in the bathroom mirror and my lips begin to part involuntarily. 'Finally, we've found a good use for your tongue' I say, breathlessly. He looks up and smiles, then, in the blink of an eye, he stands up, grabs me by the ass and lifts my up and onto the sink. I give him one more straight-eye stare of communication. Finally he gets it, spins me around and sticks his cock in my pussy from behind. I'm really getting going on this half-dominance, half-submission thing at this point so I'm pretty wet and close to coming. Our eyes meet again, this time in the mirror, and just as we are both about to come I smile and give him a wink. Then he is shuddering with the release into me and my pussy is contracting around him.

A whole new outlook for women looking for men

And this is kind of how the date ended really. Ultimately, whatever he was about didn't really suit my tastes in terms of a partner. But that night I learned a valuable lesson. How to have fun with a date no matter how it turned out. Since then I try to take guys as they come and the times I've given guys the benefit of the doubt have often been the same times I've had unexpected and exhilarating experiences as a consequence. I nearly walked out on a would-be magician who wouldn’t stop showing me magic tricks during dinner, but when we got home, oh boy! He had some magic fingers to be sure! I believe the trick for women looking for men is to try and not judge the book by its cover and aim to get something out of every dating experience that gets thrown your way.

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