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How I traveled around for sex

Sexy woman with long curly hair holds her head while looking down My name is Rhonda M., a 32-year old sales manager. I have a penchant for all things exotic thanks to my upbringing. As a young girl, I was exposed to different cultures;my parents worked in various countries around the world as business consultants. Nowadays, I am addicted to globetrotting for purposes of bedsurfing. As a seasoned sex tourist, I am always prepped up for adventures in a new country or in one of my favorite hotspots like Kenya, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. I plan for any eventualities to prevent unpleasant experiences. Whether I am on hunt for the 'beach boys' or the 'sanky pankies', I approach every trip with a clear itinerary. Although I leave sufficient room for flexibility, my actions are guided by some rules of engagement. Freedom, intrigue and sheer pleasure define the countless trips that took me to Asia, South America, Africa and the Caribbean. These sojourns allowed me to experience my wildest fantasies: swimming in a clear blue sea or sunbathing on white sand in the company of a local hunk. Back in the day, I worshiped all men with dreadlocks. Truly speaking, they gave me goose bumps; they wowed me with an unbeatable aura of exotic charm and bravado. A slight hint of a foreign accent really knocked my socks off. These fantasies gave birth to a globetrotting, bedsurfing queen with a colourful history to show for it. The nature of these fun-filled arrangements vary depending on country or my plans for the trip. In some cases, I shared pleasurable moments with a tour guide who doubled up as an escort. These casual sex encounters can either take place once or a number times for the duration of my stay.

Meeting the sex partners

During my first trip as one of those single women looking for men, I stayed at an all-inclusive resort in Negril, Jamaica (a prime spot for female sex tourists). The majority of 'rasta boys' I met there had impressive physiques that could arouse even the most conservative of female tourists. It was baptism of fire when I spent the night with my tour guide cum male escort named Conrad. He was a hunk and a half thanks to his muscular legs, arms and chest. This dark and handsome catch opened my eyes to fresh thrills and I have never gone back ever since that magical night in Negril. Like a true gentleman, Conrad showered me with compliments about my eyes, curvaceous figure and long curly hair. He went on to really impress me with his bedroom skills - this rastafarian made love as if he was possessed. Multiple orgasms rained like it were the middle of the rainy season. This encounter unearthed the enlightening and invigorating nature of solo travel. Some of the partners I slept with in the Caribbean were professionals. I met them in internet cafés, restaurants or at the airport. They exuded confidence, sharp wit and intellect; I was attracted to their sophistication. They were the direct opposite of the 'beach boys', who often lacked a good education and careers. However, I relished the great sex and power that comes with dating the 'beach boys'. When it comes to finances, I was the man in the relationship - they just couldn't match my credit card balance.

Discovering new cultures and sex partners

Although my experiences as a single woman looking for men in Asia and South America differed wildly to those I enjoyed in the Caribbean and Africa, I relished dating men who barely spoke a word of English. I wanted them to utter naughty words in local languages during sex. That is what makes interracial dating so interesting. The Asian men I met in the Philippines were more caring and passionate. They made me feel like a real goddess with public displays of affection. Walking hand in hand or kissing behind the trees in recreational parks. I discovered a more intimate side of me that I never knew existed. The contrast in cultures and romantic experiences between Asia and the Caribbean was truly refreshing. Jamaica is widely regarded as a fantasy island based on the mythology about male sexual prowess. The Philippines is ideal for women looking for men with a sensitive touch. It is the home of heart warming 'chick flick' episodes. It is common for women craving real love and attention to find something to suit their exact needs in this part of globe. I felt a genuine emotional attachment with a software engineer I dated in Manila, which helped spice up the sexual encounters. Although the Asians are outwardly confident and smooth, they lack the hyper-masculinity of Africans and Carribeans. I have met the majority of the men in bars and nightclubs, where some of them simply asked to dance with me. On one occasion, a Brazilian man invited me to the dance floor and showed me how to perform the dirty dancing routine. As a woman looking for men, the smartly dressed dude captured my imagination with fine dancing skills that I made a quick choice to take him back to the hotel.

Fulfilling my kinky fantasies

For a woman looking for men, I have always wondered how it feels to have hardcore sex with a stranger in a mud hut or bush somewhere in Africa. This fantasy inspired an adventurous trip to Ghana and Kenya. The experiences left me with a strong passion for nature and muscle-bound men. In Ghana, I met a string of hunks that were overly keen to sleep with me. They promised the best time of my life and it was hard not believe them thanks to the bulging crotches and impressive physiques. I was truly spoiled for choice; I would either bed them all or simply choose the pick of the crop. The stage was set for yet another epic encounter with an unmissable exotic twist. Having chosen the hunkiest of them of all, we traveled to an isolated village in Bonsaaso in the Ashanti region of Ghana. My host (Asante) took me on a sightseeing trip around the village before we retired to a tiny bed in one of the mud huts. The settings were perfect for my 'African honeymoon' experience. Asante lived up to expectations by setting the Bonsaaso night alight with hardcore sex. The entire village must have been kept awake all night with my loud screams. I decided to stay extend my stay in the area for two more weeks just to enjoy the sexual prowess of Asante and the tranquility of Bonsaaso.

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