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Is Cock Size Really as Important as People Say?

Sometimes, it feels like we've been taught from an early age that the only penis worth having is a 12 inch whopper that wouldn't look out of place on a donkey. But that's not just disempowering for most guys, it's also a poor reflection of how women really feel about penis size.

lady enjoying her guys penis' type
Get to know the type of penis she desires.

So what size and type of penis do women actually desire? Thankfully, we know quite a lot about this crucial matter, and what sex experts are finding may come as a surprise to many.

There's More Than One Type of Penis

Firstly, let's get one thing out of the way: There are many kinds of penis in the world. Generally guys take their own todger as an archetype and what constitutes a "normal" penis, but that's misleading. Just like there are BBW women and hot skinny babes, there are curved and straight, squat and slender, cut and uncut dicks, and all of them have their place on the sexual map.

So remember that when you compare your endowment to others. Now that's dealt with, let's look at some types that really turn women on.

Some Dicks Have Curves in all the Right Places

Here's a dirty secret that will rock your world: guys can be curvaceous and sexy too, and I'm not talking about chubby chasing. Across the world, millions of guys have boomerang cocks which angle upwards or to one side when fully erect.

This can make guys feel self-conscious, but it's not a fatal flaw. In fact, the curvature of these cocks can allow them to reach places other guys can't. It takes some skill to find the perfect thrusting angle, but curvy guys can often do it better than those with straight up standard dicks can.

man sizing and comparing his penis
It's more about how penile muscles work and move!

Some Cocks are More Filling Than Others

Then there are cocks that flop out of a guy's pants like a brick on a string. Solid, massive and not usually that long, these dicks are like seeing a 30 oz steak served up, and feeling unsure about whether you can even get close to finishing it off.

Many girls love the girth of these guys - that's no myth. It fills them up, it makes them feel stimulated in all the right places, but it's intimidating at first. To make this kind of dick work, guys need to be understanding and patient. Most girls can take it, but it takes time. Too many brash thick-dicked guys forget that and ruin the moment.

There's Sometimes a Big Gap Between Flaccid and Fully Erect

Here's another thing that people often forget about cocks: There's no direct correlation between how big they are when they are flaccid and their fully erect size. This seems weird at first, but it's how penile muscles work.

Some just get much larger from a smaller base - causing complications when girls expect something tiny, which soon becomes an absolute monster. But in most cases, the problem with these dicks is anxiety.

Guys feel that they will be ridiculed for their small cock, even though it's erect state is impressive. But if they get over that fear, the surprise and delight girls show is more than enough reward.

Guys that Promise Much, but Deliver Surprisingly Little

Now for the bad news: some guys are just unlucky in the dick department. Even if their cock seems like it's about to grow into a beast, when they actually get it on with their partner, the expansion is a disappointment.

Many cocks differ from flaccid to erect by just an inch or two, leading to some puzzling bedroom antics. Girls can easily feel that it's their fault, that they haven't stimulated their guy enough, and guys can feel inferior. But you can't fight nature. The trick is not to brag about your endowment and focus on other forms of stimulation.

Hammerheads Can Provide Incredible Stimulation

Some guys have dicks that can only be likened to hammers. While they may look a little weird first up, when you get over their appearance (with a fattened head and a skinny shaft), these dicks really deliver. The oversized head and long, slender shaft work together to caress a girl's vaginal walls, providing an incredible level of arousal.

woman taking a look at her boyfriend's dick
Ladies want a penis that fills them up and makes them feel stimulated.

Short and Squat is Actually Really Hot

Also known as the "chode", many guys have dicks that only measure around 4-5 inches long, but are a couple of inches wide. Built like weightlifters, these dicks are incredibly deceptive.

In a world that seems obsessed with length, chodes provide the ultimate in fullness, stretching out girls without going too deep. And with the right kind of technique, they can concentrate pleasure like no other cock type.

Foreskin or not Foreskin, that is the Question

Now we come to dicks that are circumcized vs those that aren't. Does having a flap of foreskin overlapping the head make dicks more appealing and satisfying or less?

Well, the truth is that women report about as much pleasure with circumcized as uncut guys. Some like the uncomplicated nature of a cut dick, without the need to deal with foreskin. Others like the naturally lubricated skin of an uncut penis, so it's a toss up.

There's no rules here: cut or uncut, girls don't seem to mind.

So, What's the Verdict About Cock Size?

There's plenty of variation in the way dicks are made, that's beyond doubt. Studies in the UK have found that the average length is around 5.16 inches - and only 5 percent are larger than 6.3 inches.

However, the same studies found that 45 percent of men surveyed wanted a bigger dick.

man getting undressed by partner
Just focus on providing an incredible level of arousal!

But that's not the right way to think. Another American study found that women selected a cock length of 4.8 inches for long-term partners (6.3 inches for one night stands).

Unfortunately, there's no data for shape or width, but what's certain is that there's no classic dick shape to envy. It's how you use what you've got that matters.

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