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The Coffee Shop is the Best Place for Sensual Chats

I didn't expect much from my Monday morning but what I certainly didn't expect was to find myself ball deep in a beautiful Latina by lunch time. I was on my way to work at the call enter and a sex chat was the last thing on my mind. I was a little depressed, a little hungover but mostly not paying attention to much around me. I was already late so I figured I would stop into the café for a little recovery java. The girl at the counter was pretty hot but a little too peppy for that hour of the morning. Next thing I see is the hottest Latino girl I've ever clapped eyes on.

young girl chatting with a stranger about sex

Y'know the kind of woman you see and think 'If I don’t get myself inside that girl I'll regret for the rest of my life'. That is what this girl was, times 50. Her beautiful brown skin was mostly hidden beneath a tight long-sleeved black skirt and she was sitting at a table just across from me. She caught my eye as I stared, causing me to jerk my eyes away. I must have looked pretty slack-jawed there, I thought to myself. Now, I'm not the kind of guy who walks up to every beautiful woman I meet and has a go. That fact might go some ways to explaining the sorry attempt at sex chat that followed.

It was Worth the Shot

I took my coffee from the peppy girl, who might as well have been invisible now for all the notice I took of her. I gathered my courage and attempted a casual walk up to this Latino stunner. 'May I take a seat' I asked. Maybe it was my fragile tone or her poor English, but, unfortunately, she seemed to think I was asking to borrow a chair for my own table. Seeing as we were pretty much alone in a fairly large coffee shop filled with empty seats, this must have seemed a strange gesture, but she politely assented. 'Si, no problemo'. I knew I had two options at this point. Beat a cowardly retreat or shock her by simply sitting down without permission. I really wish I had had the wherewithal and time to think this through but this close up I could clearly see the curve of her impressive breasts through her top and her doe eyes were staring at me and freezing my movements. Some part of my mind made the decision and I plopped myself unceremoniously down in the chair. Her eyes widened for a second and then something miraculous happened. She smiled.'Hola' she said, still smiling. 'Do you speak any English?', I asked her. 'Of course', she replied. I didn't really know what to do with this newfound information so I just said 'Oh'. 'Can I help you?' she asked. I racked my brain for any number of smooth and charming things that I thought manly men might have said to women during earth's history but in the end I simply thought to myself, fuck it. 'Listen, I'm going to level with you....'

The Bare-faced Truth

'Listen, I'm going to level with you.....' I began, and decided that at this point there wasn't much left to do but keep going. 'I got up this morning hungover, or even possibly still drunk. I wasn't late when I woke up but I decided to sit around my house and watch morning TV until I was late for work. Then I saw you, maybe the hottest woman I've ever seen. I nearly had a heart attack and I definitely did have a immediate and serious erection. Now I have no intention of going to work at all'. She started at me for a long time, those doe-eyes, that luscious black hair, those blowjob lips. Then the second miracle of the day. She smiled again. 'My name is Maria'.That is how I found myself in my car on the highway with this Latin American treasure in the passenger seat next to me. We were on the way to my apartment and it was so surreal I couldn't process, I could only act in a step by step fashion. Then the miracle juice of today seemed to run out entirely as we hit gridlock on the freeway. A good hour and half of traffic stretched its way to the horizon in front of us. 'I'm fucked' I told myself '.....and not in the way I'd hoped'. I was knowledgeable enough in the ways of sex chat to know that these kinds of moments had a momentum that, if broken, could rarely be regained. I turned to my passenger to say something that might help avert such a tragedy, just in time to see her head begin to descend towards my lap.

Who's Going Back to Work?

In all the rush I hadn't noticed how small and delicate her fingers were. I noticed them now as they deftly undid my belt and zipper. 'Oh' I said, in a poor attempt at more sex chat. 'Si' she simply replied. Her luscious lips fulfilled their earlier promise of excellent fellatio and I laid my head back on the headrest and closed my eyes. I shot them open again at the thought that we were still on the highway. Looking left, I realised the driver in the car occupying the lane next to us had yet to notice anything, as he had his eyes closed and head back in an apparent attempt to sleep (It seemed unlikely that his posture was also the result of getting blown by a Latino goddess.) I thought I'd be worried but the thought of getting caught only added to the thrill. Maria pulled her head back up from my lap and looked my in the eye, her lips slightly reddened by their recent activity. 'Can I take this seat' she asked, her eye gesturing towards my lap. I smiled at the thought of how all this started. 'No problemo' I said. She straddled me and we both gasped as I entered her. It wasn't long before we were both cumming hard together in heavy traffic on the freeway. Looking across at my man in the next lane, I realised he was still resting his eyes. Maria eased herself off of my lap and back into the passenger seat. 'Muy bueno' she said 'Now, can you drop me at that restaurant just up ahead. I've got to get back to work'.

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