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Sex Questions & Answers

Q: MMF or MFF: Which Should We Choose for a Threesome?

sexy ladies and handsome guy ready for a MFF encounter

In this post, our dating expert Shannon encounters a refreshingly honest man who, with his partner, has decided they would both love to have a threesome. But they're at a crossroads: should they pick a male or a female? Read more...

Q: Should I Let My Wife Use a Strap-On With Me?

black strap-on

There are so many misconception about using strap-ons and you can thank pornography for that. Answering this reader's question, sexpert Shannon answers the age-old new age question: what to do when your S.O. wants to use a strap-on with you. Read more...

Q: How Can I Get My Partner Excited About Swinging?

swingers couple looking for another couple to swing with

One man wonders: how can I get my girlfriend to experience the swinger's lifestyle with me? He doesn't want to lose her or offend her. He just wants them to try something new. Is there a way to handle this sticky situation with a clear outcome? Read more...

Q: Can I Be a Feminist if I Like to Be Dominated in Bed?

sexy woman being dominated in bed

Feminists who love to be dominated: are these two ideas and acts mutually exclusive? Not at all. In fact, as sex and dating expert Shannon explains to one troubled reader, choosing to be dominated (or not) is the ultimate feminist act. Read more...

Q: How Can I Tell My Partner I'm Poly?

Young polyamorous couple with another woman

What do you do when you're really into someone, but they don't know about your polyamorous instincts? This questioner faced exactly that dilemma, and our expert had some handy advice to help her ease her partner into her anything goes sexual lifestyle. Read more...

Q: My Boyfriend is Too Conservative in Bed. What Can I Do?

Woman dominating her boyfriend in bed

Not every relationship is perfectly balanced in bed, and everyone is different. This article looks at a case involving a woman whose sexual desires run ahead of her partner, causing all sorts of sexual issues. Let's see what she can do to make things right. Read more...

Q: Should I Let My Husband Sleep With Other Women?

wife allowing her husband to sleep with another woman

Many men fantasize about having sex with other women, even in the most seemingly healthy sexual relationships. But what do wives do when their husbands are open about their fetish, and appear dead set on putting their desire into action? This article answers one such woman's concerns. Read more...

Q: Is Not Being Able to Come From a Blowjob Normal?

Worried man who can't come from a blowjob

If you can't come from a blowjob, is anyone really to blame? Is this a kind of erectile dysfunction? Relationship expert Shannon dispels the myths around coming from oral sex. Hint: it's not the only item on the menu and combinations often work better than one. Read more...

Q: If I Want to Try Gay Sex, Does That Mean I'm Gay?

Gay partners kissing passionately

A panicked reader asks sex and dating expert Shannon if he should try gay sex. He's straight. He's married. He may be on the brink of a divorce. And it's all because of an uncontrollable fantasy to penetrate other men - and be penetrated. Does this mean I'm gay, he wonders? Read more...

Q: How and When Can I Tell My Partner I Have Herpes?

Woman handing a condom to her partner in bed

A young woman has tested positive for herpes and she's panicking. She wonders: is her love life over? Is she doomed to be single and lover-less? Is she a social outcast? Sex expert Shannon breaks down STD stereotypes and shows this woman how to own her condition and tell her partners. Read more...

Q: A New, "You" Diet: How Do I Get Head As Good As I Give?

Man about to perform oral sex on his partner

A good relationship is about a little "give and take", right? You should expect to get as good as you give. And that goes double for oral sex. So how do you get your boyfriend to go down on you? Here are some simple methods of having him eat you out on the regular. Read more...

Q: What Should I Do If I Get a Dick Pic From My Ex?

pretty brunette confused looking at her ex's dick selfie

Here's the golden rule, guys: keep it in your pants unless she specifically asks you. And take a page out of the polidickal nightmare that is Anthony Weiner and just don't send dick pics. Ladies, what can you do to discourage dick pic texts from your ex? Here are a few ideas. Read more...

Q: Slap Sex: My Girlfriend Loves It - But Should I Do It?

kinky lady ready to be slapped

So what do you do if a woman you're dating suddenly asks you to slap her during sex? The difference between a little rough foreplay and a serious love for kink starts with a light slap - or does it? In this reader-Q&A, Shannon, our "sexpert" breaks it down. Read more...

Q: My Partner Has No Idea How Sexually Inexperienced I am!

Young sexually inexperienced guy with his girlfriend

Is it sexual "inexperience" or sexual "insecurity"? Make sure you know which is operating your sex life and sense of self. Hint: there's no such thing as "inexperience". If you want to learn how to get over yourself and unleash your inner sexual savant, read on. Read more...

Q: What Does My Boyfriend's Porn Say About Our Relationship

Man in bed watching porn on his tablet

If porn could talk, it would tell you it's been at the heart of a few nasty breakups. Men love it. Women hate to admit they love it. But it's the conversation no one is having. Are porn and relationships mutually exclusive? Not so. Porn could be the way to bring that spark back. Read more...

Q: Do I Call it Quits if My Partner Won't Indulge My Fetishes?

Muscular guy indulging his bondage fetish

We all fetishize something. The only question is if we do it in the bedroom or not. Where others fetishize $500 shoes, others love a good spanking. One couple learns about how to get their partner to engage in their fetishes. Read more...

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