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Sex Questions & Answers

It’s Loveline meets Ask Polly. No topic is off-limits and there’s no such thing as a question that’s too naughty. If you’ve ever wanted to have your sex questions and answers addressed, get comfy, silence your phone and dim the lights.

Our in-house sex and dating expert, Shannon picks the best sex questions and answers, responding with humor, wit and a huge helping of real-talk. She brings her expert perspective to issues like, “If I have herpes, how can I tell my partner?”, “What do I do if my partner won’t indulge my fetishes?” and, “My partner has no idea how sexually inexperienced I am!” Outrageous, bold and down-to-earth, these are the sex questions and answers you don’t dare to bring up with your friends. So, ask Shannon instead.

Q: My Mom and my Girlfriend are the Same Age – How Do I Introduce Them?

A younger man and older woman talking

A reader wonders how to introduce his new girlfriend to his Mom when they are basically the same age. Shannon tells him to play it straight with Mom and with a little understanding and respect on both sides, hopefully it will go well. Read more...

Q: What to Do: My Boyfriend's Penis is Too Big For My Vagina to Handle?

sexy lady not knowing how to handle her boyfriend's too big penis

Sometimes two people can be head over heels in love, but a complete physical mismatch. In this case, Shannon has been contacted by a woman with exactly that kind of problem. It turns out her boyfriend's penis and her vagina just aren't compatible - or so it seems. But help many be at hand. Read more...

Q: My Girlfriend Cheated on me With A Woman - What Should I Do?

blonde seducing a Guy's girlfriend

It's never easy to handle being cheated on, but it's sometimes even harder when the person your girlfriend cheats with is a woman. This article responds to someone who saw their love life fall apart when this happened, and offers some ways to understand and move on. Read more...

Q: Why Can't I Come When My Boyfriend is Inside Me?

sad woman because she can't come when he is inside

The Big O: it's the ultimate gratification of sex, right? So what do you do when you can't come with your partner inside? Sex and dating expert, Shannon helps a reader with their O-woes and gives some useful tricks you can use to get aroused and come on strong. Read more...

Q: Should I Lose My Virginity to an Escort?

young man paying an escort for losing his virginity

If you're tempted to lose your virginity to a professional escort, it's important to consider the benefits AND drawbacks. You might be surprised by what our resident sex expert has to say about giving your v-card to a pro! Read more...

Q: My Boyfriend Doesn’t Get Pre-Cum. Is This Normal?

woman looking for her boyfriend's penis

When it comes to pre-cum, some men produce more than others. This pre-ejaculatory fluid is created at different stages of the arousal process, and it’s just as likely to be discharged at the beginning of sexual activity as it is at the end. Read more...

Q: My Husband Likes Wearing Women’s Underwear. What Should I Do?

Crossdresser with red bra in his mouth

Most men who cross-dress do so for either pleasure or escapism. This is a complicated issue that needs to be understood before it can be managed. Fortunately, communication between partners can often improve a relationship beyond all recognition. Read more...

Q: I'm a Girl Who Cums Fast. Why Does This Happen?

Young sexy woman cumming too fast

Some women climax relatively quickly during sex, which can cause tension between sexual partners and less intense encounters. Fortunately, a woman can train her body to control her orgasms — it just takes patience and practice. Read more...

Q: Should I Let My Wife Pee on Me?

Handsome man having a golden shower

If your girlfriend has asked you to pee on her, there’s a chance that you’re a little nervous. This fetish is probably more popular than you realise, and it’s a great way of spicing up a relationship — but there are a few things you need to know. Read more...

Q: Why Does My Partner Hate It When I Masturbate?

Young man masturbating while his partner is away

Even in the healthiest relationships, people sometimes feel the urge to masturbate. That's usually fine. But sometimes partners can have a problem when their lovers stimulate themselves. Let's find out some solutions from the Badults sex expert. Read more...

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