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Everything I Wanted From Sex, Without the Commitment

"Marisa, you NEED to get laid!!" was something my girlfriends said to me on a daily basis. Being a 22-year-old full-time student at University, I could see why. I'm always stressed, always running around trying to get things done, and never taking time to do things for myself.

Cute Asian girl in blue bikini on beach

And while I did crave sex that would give me orgasm after orgasm, I didn't want to deal with a relationship. After carefully thinking about what I wanted, I decided to take control over my sexuality and post online looking for someone who was interested in a one night stand. I figured with this approach, there was no worry about a potential relationship; we both knew what we were getting.After chatting with a few guys who just weren't the right fit, I met Marco. He was a 34-year-old lawyer in a nearby town and was looking for a one night stand without having to go to bar after bar trying to find a suitable fit. We were very open from the start, me telling him that I wanted a man to take control and him telling me he wanted to try different positions including facesitting. After agreeing that this was definitely one night, we agreed to meet at a hotel so he wouldn't have to deal with my flatmates (or limited space) and I wouldn't have to drive a long way to meet him. I was nervous, but also incredibly excited as I got my body waxed in anticipation for the night.

But I Don't Even Know You!

After putting on a little black dress with red lace panties and a push-up bra (I'm an Asian girl with smaller breasts), I was ready to go. I knocked on the door and Marco opened it, looking incredibly handsome in black slacks, a nice belt, and white button-up shirt. He embraced me with a warm hug and gently patted my ass as I walked into the room. He handed me a glass of wine and put his hand on my thigh, which got my blood pumping quickly. After nervously finishing my glass, he started sliding his hand up my thighs and into my panties. I felt him touch my clit and immediately fell back on the bed. Feeling how wet I was, he pulled my panties down and started kissing up my thighs.I'd never had a guy "go down" on me, so I went to stop him because it was all new. This is when I realized, who cares? I don't know this man, and that's the point! This is for pleasure, not for me to worry about dating him. Noticing my hesitation he asked if he should continue, and I urged him "YES"! His tongue felt like silk against me, and even better when it was inside of me. He grabbed my thighs tight as he kept going, and I orgasmed within just a couple of minutes of him touching me. I sat up on the bed once he was done and told him it was his turn.

Unleashing My Desires

Marco took control of the one night stand (which I loved) and told me to lay down on the bed. Then he propped himself up on top of me, with his knees and palms pressed up against the headboard. He put his cock in my mouth and fucked my mouth while I played with his balls. After getting deep into my throat he pulled out so he could cum on my chest. Impressively he was hard again just minutes after that, and told me to lie with my back on the ground and my legs in a diamond shape. I did as I was told, and he climbed on top of me, burying his huge cock into me. I'd never felt pleasure like this, as the position allowed him to go deep inside me so I felt every inch of him. I had an intense orgasm in just minutes, as he did.After enjoying another glass of wine and a short chat, he asked me what I wanted to try. I explained to him I wanted to try doggy style, except I'd be lying flat on my stomach instead of on all four's. He obliged, and as soon as he entered me I could see why my friends raved about this position. It felt unlike anything else, and because he was behind me, he got to play with my ass a little too. He lubed up a pinkie and stuck it in just slightly so I had a more intense orgasm.

Finishing the Night with a Impressive Energy

Although we were both tired at this point, we wanted to continue because we knew our time was coming to an end. Marco told me how wet I was, and suggested we get into a bubble bath. Once in, he gently rubbed my back, dragging his fingertips onto my nipples. Little did I know he had a bucket of ice right next to the bath, which he rubbed on my nipples, giving me a burst of energy and causing my entire body to throb for more. He dragged the ice cube down to my pussy, finally placing it at my clit as it melted. I gently moved forward after this, and he pushed himself into my ass while grabbing my nipples hard. I felt a rush of pleasure that was new to me and told him to keep going, harder.When he was about to orgasm I pulled away from him and turned on my back so he could cum on my tits. As soon as he did, I rubbed it into my breasts as it washed away in the water. We both took a shower to finish the night, where we fucked one more time against the door as the hot water pounded into our backs. He played with my clit the entire time and I orgasmed twice, making this officially the best sex ever. Once I was dry and ready to go, we kissed goodbye and I left. I'm so glad I did it; I'll never forget this one night stand.

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