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A Pyjama Party to Spice Up an Ordinary Night

My experience with a one night stand was far different than I thought it would be, and that's because I found an adult match who came up with a great idea: a sexy pyjama party. This turned a typical casual encounter into something far more special, exciting, and tantalizing than I could have imagined.

Sexy brunette lying on couch in shorts and a tank top

But before I dig into details, let me tell you about me and how I actually found this match in the first place. My name is Sandy, I'm 32-years old, brunette, divorced, and I work in sales. I'm not looking to date because I'm still recovering from my breakup, so casual sex is usually what I end up with if I go out with friends. I had a few good experiences, but most of the men I met were just not exciting or very good in bed, so I was never truly satisfied (I'd leave their flat before the night was over).These reasons are what led me to search for a one night stand online. It made sense to me, as I was able to write out the experience I was looking for, and only individuals who were mutually interested in the same thing would respond. Within those responses I found Adam, who was 32, very tall, a successful real estate agent, and handsome. He also wanted a one night stand and was interested in trying new things rather than doing traditional missionary style sex.

The Pyjama Party Twist

Adam and I decided to meet up the following weekend at his home, instead of going to a typical Canberra spot. But before the big day, he messaged me and told me he had an idea: a pyjama party. At first I thought this was a bad idea until I realized this meant being able to wore lingerie that I'd had sitting in my closet for years. I was beyond excited and told him I'd show up ready to go. When I did get to his home, I had on a pink trench coat, black heels and nothing but lingerie underneath. He asked to take my coat, and with every button I took down he became clearly excited. He couldn't help but to gently unwrap each button for me, eventually exposing the satin and lace babydoll with matching panties and bra underneath. This actually matched his satin gray pyjama pants and simple white t-shirt very well, making me even more excited about the night.In his living room he had laid out giant pillows all over a soft rug, making the space look just like what you'd expect for a pyjama party. He even had a film playing and bottle of wine with glasses planted on the ground for a welcomed refreshment. As we settled down on the silky pillows adorned with faux fur blankets, we began to make out with deep passion. His tongue was soft, his lips were big, and I could feel his erection touching me through his satin pants as we grew closer.

Skipping the film for More Excitement

Once we were nice and warmed up, Adam asked me if I wanted to have a pillow fight. This threw me off at first, but I couldn't help but agree to it since this was a pyjama party! We both took our shoes off (he was wearing slippers) and used the softest pillows to battle each other. In seconds I was on the ground from tumbling, which is when he firmly grabbed me and pulled my babydoll off of me completely. His huge hands gently wrapped my hair in them, pulling so slightly that I could feel his power and readiness for more. Turning the tables, I wrestled him underneath him so I could be on top. I pulled off his shirt and kissed his beautifully carved chest until I reached his nipples, which I softly licked while watching him squirm.Feeling his erection turned me on, and with his hands on my ass I pulled his pants down. I pulled out a condom and wrapped it around his cock with my mouth, then sat on top of him, fucking him gently. After we had been going a few minutes I could tell he was ready for more, and that's when I turned around to ride him reverse. As I quickly rocked on his hard cock I could feel him slapping my ass and telling me I was a dirty girl. I love dirty talk, so it encouraged me to fuck him harder until he and I came at the same time.

Learning New Positions

As I rolled off of him and onto my knees, I told him I wanted him to fuck me in the mouth. He got hard as soon as the words came out of my mouth and quickly put my mouth over him. He grabbed my hair as he pushed himself inside me, screaming that I felt good as he came again. We took a short break after this, which is when I slid on something I'd never worn: an adult onesie. As soon as I came out he smiled and grabbed me by my waist, tossing me into the pile of soft pillows. He then lowered himself to my feet and unclasped every button to expose my naked body underneath. Kissing from my ankles to my breasts, he then entered me with half of my onesie still on. He fucked me hard for several minutes until I came, then he turned me around and fucked me from behind (which was fitting because my onesie was a cat).I came again as he pulled my hair and squeezed my nipples while still fucking me from behind. I screamed out loud, finally opening my eyes at the film playing in front of me. It was then that I came to the realization that this was the best pyjama party and sex I'd ever experienced. I told him to cum in my mouth to finish, and I swallowed as soon as he released inside me. We stayed together to chat for a good hour when we were done, but soon after this I packed my things and left with my amazing memories in place.

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