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New Week, New Partner - What I learned

My name is Alessandra, I'm 27, and I'm a personal trainer with a passion for fitness and helping people. My body is one of the things I'm most proud of, with a slim stomach, long red hair, a tight ass, big fake breasts, and toned legs.

Busty red-head sitting at a table on her phone

Because my body is in such great shape it's generally easy for me to find people to go on dates with, but I am not interested in a relationship at the moment. Right now, my goal is to better myself, and that means explore my sexuality in brand new ways. Gone are the days that I'd settle for missionary position with a man that was just "okay" in my book. Now I want to fuck men who are interested in what I am, all without the sticky mess of a relationship.This is why I turned to the Internet to find an adult match that was in pursuit of just what I was. As I browsed through men looking for "no strings attached" one night stands, I noticed I found a lot of viable options. So rather than choosing one, I chose them all! I started with Brad, who was a 30-year old business owner in the area. He wasn't particularly fit, but you wouldn't have known that from the way he fucked me in his office. He went like a jackhammer and gave me 7 orgasms in 3 hours. Not to mention he ate my pussy like it was his job and let me play with his ass to explore partner pleasure.

Let's Try Role Playing

After meeting with Brad I kept track of what I liked: him going down on me, him fucking me hard, and him playing with my nipples. I also noted that I didn't like when he spanked me, but I did like when he pulled my hair. I used these tips for next week's one night stand, who was a sales manager named Calvin. We discussed online what we both liked, and decided to try role playing to add some excitement to the experience. He came to the hotel dressed like a mobster from the 60's and I came dressed like a flapper girl. We enjoyed some cocktails at the hotel lobby before we made our way upstairs.He was truly a great actor, playing the mobster role like an actual star in a film. I acted like an innocent dancer who needed guidance, and he gave me instructions to strip for him while he sat in a chair in the middle of the room. The last piece of clothing was my panties, and to let him take them off, I started grinding on his body. He quickly got up from his chair, nudged me to the ground and fucked my doggy style with my panties till on. After I loudly yelled I was coming, he picked me up and fucked me on the bed while he played with my asshole. I exploded with pleasure and finished the night off my sucking his hard cock until he came on my naked breasts.

Dominate Me

When thinking back on my one night stand with Calvin, I realized I loved to be dominated and wanted to experience that on a deeper level. So, I went on the Internet and found a dentist named Nathan who had experience with domination and power play. He took me to his magnificent flat, which had a spare bedroom with a sex swing, sex toys, and lots of other goodies. We created the safe word of "pickle" and immediately he told me to undress and put on special black panties he had waiting. I did as I was told, then he carried me to the bed where he tied my up by my hands and ankles. Not being able to move, I wasn't sure what to expect, but was wet with anticipation.Nathan moved a feather all around my body causing me to shiver, then brought out a vibrator that he lubed until nice and wet. He gently fucked me with this as he sucked on my nipples, and after I came he asked me if I was ready for more. This is when he told me to tell him that I wanted him to fuck me hard, which he proceeded to do. It turned me on being restricted with my movement, and with every thrust I could feel myself about to orgasm again. After I did, he took me to the sex swing to fuck me in that before I went home. It was by far better than the other experiences and something I still think about today.

Learning Pleasure With Two Partner

For my next one night stand I chose to have a threesome so I could learn about pleasing both men and women. I chose Ben and Lena, who were a couple from a neighbouring state on small tour with their band. They came over to my flat where I served them wine and we discussed what the night would be like. To get started, Lena made out with my while touching my breasts over my babydoll. This motivated me to squeeze her ass, gently dragging my hand up and down her thigh. She moaned and explained how she wanted to be touched, which is when Ben came over to show me. Together we pleased Lena by fingering her, eating her out, and playing with her nipples.Once she came we shifted the focus to Ben, who explained exactly how he liked to be blown, and even taught me how to properly plan with his asshole. After he came Ben fucked my mouth while Lena ate my pussy and squeezed my nipples. We soon shifted so Ben could fuck me from behind, and that's when I came harder than I ever had before. We all said our goodbyes after this, and I left with a much better understanding of how to please my partner. This was one of my favourite one night stands because of the sensuality of it all, especially considering the fact that I'd never been with a woman before.

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