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Gearing for the big night romp in the wilderness

My name is Loretta K. Hussey, a 30-year old occupational therapist. I have discovered a refreshingly different way to enjoy sex with the man of my dreams. My adventures in the wilderness started when I met Rob, a wildlife conservationist at a farewell party for one of my colleagues.

A sexy girl in the wilderness

He was tall and handsome with a smile that made me weak at the knees. He exhibited cold, dark humor but that didn't put me off thanks to his looks. I've always had a thing for men who work with nature - I think they are more caring and sensitive to a woman's needs. I crave special attention and a tender touch. I enjoy exploring new boundaries in search of pure magic and ecstasy. When I'm in the zone, I don't hold back and I want my partner to give his best - I treat every encounter as if it were my last. In essence, they must always be an epic phenomenon. The most intriguing part about a one night stand is that it is fresh and thrilling. These encounters make my head spin and produce a cocktail of pleasurable hormones.

When pleasure and nature mix

It's like a fairytale when bodies are pressed intensely together and my partner rubs his hips against mine. In some cases, I prefer playing a game that punishes the first person to rock their hips. The loser's punishment is usually to perform oral sex or other kinky act. The aim of the game is to discourage the tendency to become repetitive and linear. The encounters are more pleasurable when carried out somewhere in the woods with the birds providing background music. For a refreshingly romantic twist, I prefer embarking on an addictive cycle where penetration isn’t the last word. Instead, we use fingers and our tongues to repeatedly take each other to the point of orgasm before letting the sensations subside. Rob gave me the greatest experience I have had in the woods thanks to his meticulous planning and romantic nature. The setting was just awesome; we set up camp in a woodland punctuated by lush green vegetation close to a river bank. Just a few metres from our one night stand base lay a picturesque waterfall that added to the charm and romantic ambience. Rob pitched a tent and placed a small foldable bed in the centre. From our romantic base, we could view vast stretches of scenic landscape. Captivated by the magnificent views, I quietly promised myself never to spend money on hotel rooms again. This freely available woodland had all the characteristics of an exquisite honeymoon spot.

A night to remember

Spending time in the forests with Rob made me feel free and alive. At sunset, we started preparing dinner using a gas stove Rob brought from his workplace. We were happily chatting and laughing in our temporary home - it was the perfect getaway with a real hunk with a soft touch. Whenever we took a break from our chores, we spiced up the moments by smooching and kissing outside the tent. A flock of birds gathered on nearby trees and seemed to tease us with chirpy melodies. Rob and I simply responded by intensifying our kissing pausing momentarily to take a breath and check the response from our raucous audience. The setting sun appeared to sneak a peek through the trees with a streaky glow that transformed the hues of our tent. By early evening, we had settled down to watch the stars and enjoy our delicious meal. As we sat on our camping chairs, we spotted a couple of raccoons that playful went about their business as if we weren't there. The awesome of sight of the zestful pair gave birth to a naked and wet idea. Rob suggested that we should remove our clothes and jump into the nearby river. What followed was a sublime two hours punctuated by some more smooching and kissing under the moonlit sky. Feeling naughty and very horny, we walked back to the tent buck naked to begin the main show of the night - somehow we forgot our clothes by the riverside. Fortunately, the items weren't needed anymore. Once in the tent, Rob stroked my breasts while I lay on the bed ready for him to rock my world. By midnight, he had delivered dozens of intense orgasms like a stallion on steroids. The tent was filled with the sweet smell of sex and cologne. We were on fire and my hunk kept us going, I screamed louder and louder with each passing round to give my man the psychological boost.

Letting the good times roll

After what seemed like forever while wrapped in the sack by the rampant Rob, we took a well-deserved break to re-energize ourselves for a continuation of our night of bliss. As we lay on our bed, we listened to the crickets chirping. They served as a reminder of the wilderness outside our tent. My mind drifted back to the naked, exhausted pair that lay entangled in a tent in the middle of the forest. I reexamined every round. Rubbing my body against Rob's was electric; the climaxes were earth shattering. This was turning out to be a one night stand for the history books. My man knew how to explore my G-spot like a true porn master, he even delayed his releases to sync with mine. His cum shots were explosive; they made me weak and sleepy but I just didn't want this pleasure to stop. We explored a wide variety of positions that stimulated all the right parts leading to more powerful contractions. Whenever Rob thrust me from behind, my whole world spun - the action increased the pressure on my G-spot. This one night stand forest romp lived up to its billing as my fuck buddy made it feel deeper or shallower and harder or softer just the way I wanted it. His powerful, rhythmic motions ensured that our cluster of nerve endings went into overdrive. At dawn, we revived our frenzied rumble in the jungle with a passionate round. I moaned gracefully as he drilled all the way down to the deepest crevices. We were a bit more relaxed and gentle to reflect the stage of our adventure. We concluded the one night stand with a three-position sequence that incorporated deeper and shallow thrusting in addition to rhythmic side swipes aimed at stimulating all the sensitive parts.

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