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Finally the Sex Night I was Craving for

Being a successful business woman at the age of 28, I travel all over the world working with some of the most powerful men in business. However, I hate to mix business with pleasure, so I never fuck the men I work with. This is what led me to search online for a one night stand in my area.

Sexy brunette smiling at the camera in striped top

At first it sounded odd, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Not only was I able to talk about the exact experience I was looking for, but I'd only come in contact with men who were looking for the exact same thing. This eliminated the chance of disappointment, which I was all too familiar with after meeting men on the road or at local bars.I grabbed a glass of wine and wrote all about what I wanted: fun sex, unique positions, and lots of toys. Right away I was messaged by Eric, who was a restaurant manager at 35-years old. I told him my name was Rebecca and described my curvy body, big breasts, big thighs, and long brown hair. We immediately discussed meeting up the following weekend at a hotel to have a one night stand with no strings attached. When I arrived, Eric opened the door and gave me a hug followed by a glass of wine. He was incredibly friendly and funny, eliminating the slight awkwardness quickly. Once we were warmed up, he invited me to the beautifully designed bedroom.

Getting What I Wanted

When I walked into the bedroom, I saw that Eric had laid out several different sex toys, including: a vibrator, anal beads, a whip, and edible panties. He grabbed me by my waist and helped me take off all of my clothes before stripping his off as well. This is when he told me to lie on my stomach on the bed so he could whip me. I immediately got wet anticipating the sting of the whip, which felt incredible the several times he did it. Eric then put on a condom with lube and climbed on top of my back, fucking me from behind while I laid on my stomach. I had never had a cock so big. It filled me nicely and hit my clit so that I orgasmed in a few minutes. He spanked me as he continued to fuck me, cumming on my back when he was finished.Now that we had warmed up, he took the vibrator out and lubed it up. I sat against the headboard of the bed and he asked me to pleasure myself for him. It felt so erotic touching myself with him watching, and ask I climaxed I could see him rapidly stroking his cock in anticipation. Once I was finished, he fucked me missionary with my legs up in the air and the vibrator still buzzing on my clit. I screamed so loud I'm sure the room next door heard, but that only encouraged him to continue until we both came again.

Trying Something New

I asked Eric if he'd like to try the anal beads, and I could tell he was excited about the prospect. He turned me around, poured lube onto my ass and gently stuck his finger in while he played with my clit. I moaned for more, so he gently put the anal beads into my ass, filling me up in a way I'd never experienced but absolutely loved. Once they were in place, he fucked me in my pussy with the beads still in, and I held onto the side of the bed in pure pleasure. As he continued pounding me he pulled the beads out one my one, causing me to orgasm two times before he pulled out so he could cum on my ass. After resting, we decided now was a great time to take a break so I went to the loo to get cleaned up.When I came back in the room, he was lying on the bed ready to go with a new condom on. He asked what I wanted to do and I told him I wanted to be in control. I climbed on top and rode him hard as I could, feeling his cock deep inside me with every thrust. He moaned loudly as he clenched my ass and climaxed at the same time I did. We both enjoyed a cocktail after this, exhausted from the sheer amount of energy we had used to fuck. However, I still wanted to use those edible panties, so I grabbed them out of the package and slipped them on.

A One Night Stand to Remember

Once the edible panties were on, I sat on his face and Eric started kissing my thighs. My body started pounding anticipating his warm tongue, and in seconds he was licking the panties, which pressed gently against my clit. My body convulsed as he licked deeper, eventually breaking through the panties so his tongue could enter me. He joked that the panties actually tasted great, and came up to kiss me so I could have a taste. This got me even more wet ,and before I knew it I had ribbed the panties off and gotten up on all fours so he could fuck me from behind. He grabbed my waist as he hammered into me, and I felt myself climax harder than ever when he was finished.When we both decided the night was over because we were both so tired, we cleaned up by taking a short shower together, where he gently rubbed my body with soap. We both agreed that it had been the best one night stand for us both and the sex was better than we anticipated. What made all the difference was that we knew what we were there for, had discussed the type of experience beforehand, and knew there were no strings attached once it was over. Of course the fun toys helped as well, making it a night I'll not soon forget.

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