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How the Love Story Began

My name is Diana. I am a 28-year-old beautiful lady, and my hobby is to have fun and meet new friends, especially handsome men. I am a banker by profession with outstanding skills which makes me the favorite employee of our financial institution. However, I am not into marriages, but I like dating and sex-talking to men during my free time. I have dated several individuals and enjoyed great moments near them through the sharing of relationship ideas and love life. Casual dates are my favorites. The reason I like them is that there are no strings attached.

sexy woman on the bed waiting for action
"Naughty dates are my favorites and so, I met Victor!"

You just enjoy the time together with your man during hot dates. They bring a good feeling where you own the world for some hours. There is a man I met during the annual conference in Austria. The gentleman was introduced to our team by his branch manager. I was attracted to him, and I just wished that I could sit near him and have a brief chat to know each other. He was nominated as one of the promising entrepreneurs in the country. Therefore, he was given a chance to talk to the congregation during the conference. The guy was neat and well dressed-up with a nice fitting black suit and a slim tie. When the chance came for him to speak to the people, he went to the dais with a sexy walk holding his tablet. The audience appraised him. My mind told me that this is the man for my life, and we should have a naughty date with him. I took a few photos of him as he was presenting.

Meeting Victor was the Perfect thing in my Life

After the speech, I met the handsome man in the dining rooms of a restaurant, where the Wollongong girls like to go. He was enjoying his lunch, and he asked my branch manager permission to speak to me. It was a daydream come true which drove me crazy. I accepted the offer, and we moved to separate room to enjoy a drink together. He introduced himself to me. I kept admiring his sexy eyes and soothing words he uttered to me. After talking businesses matters relating banking and marketing, he asked me out for a date where we would meet in a different private place together. At first, I declined it, but after some sexy words from him, I accepted. We were to meet for the date in the same month on 30th. We exchanged the telephone numbers and agreed to chat through social media platforms after the meeting. I just wanted to stay near him for more time, but our manager requested us to depart. His memories ringed in my mind when even I drove back to my house. When I arrived at my residential place, I narrated to my friend, Purity, how I met this guy and how amazing he was. She was proud of me. She encouraged me to go for the proposed date and enjoy the moments by making it naughty and incredible.

Arrangements for the Naughty date

We started sharing nude photos with the guy. His lips were smooth and kissable. He was sexy and perfect for me. He used to call me more than five times per day to have a conversation and to know my well-being. His voice was attractive and enticing. I liked it and wished that I could listen to him forever in my life. Finally, the day we had set for date approached. I dressed in my tight pink short dress and high heels and walked out of my mansion ready to meet my man for a date. I drove to the direction of the restaurant where we were supposed to meet. I arrived earlier than him and requested for a soft drink as I waited for him. No sooner had I finished my first soft drink, than my awaited guy checked in. His dressing code and hairstyle were exceptional. I welcomed him with a warm hug, and he excused himself for being a bit late to arrive. I had no issue about his lateness because the only thing I wanted from him was to arrive. After enjoying some drinks and few snacks together, we rented a room in the hotel for privacy. The guy had driven me crazy. The moment started turning into a naughty date when we entered the room.

The Naughty Date was Real

The topics changed, and we began sex-talking. He told me how he loved slim ladies with beautiful curves. He also said to me that he likes women with ambitions and great passion in life and achieving their goals. That was the main reason he was attracted to me. The gentleman, Victor, kissed me deeply. I enjoyed the kiss which made me wet. For two months, I had not met any man for any sexual adventure. I thought this was the perfect man. It was a memorable and great moment for both of us. He held my boobs tightly and twisted them softly. I first resisted by he insisted. I liked his aggressiveness. After opening the buttons of his shirt, he had the manly six-packed body. His body was amazing, and he had the qualities to be desired by every woman who loved making love. Sounds of kisses made the room lovely.

The lighting of the restaurant was not bright and hence the right one for the moment. Numerous questions started rolling up in my mind. Was I doing the right thing? Is he the perfect one for me? Should we have sex on the first date? Is this the right place for making love? However, all these questions were answered by one word from Victor.

He whispered to my ears in a soft voice, “I love you.” I told Victor loudly that I loved him too and I would like him to be with me for the rest of my life. He stripped me slowly, and we had sex and enjoyed the moment. I just wished that the moment would last forever. He was energetic, and he satisfied my sexual needs. After enjoying sex, we had a short conversation where we enjoyed some drinks together.

The guy told me that he would call me to plan for another date at another different place. He proposed that we should meet in his house for the next date. He insisted, and we agreed. He drove me to my house. After the arrival to my living place, he kissed me as departed. The naughty date was the best thing I have ever had in my life.

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