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Why I Decided That A Naughty Date Was Absolutely Essential

Last year, I did something shocking. Well, it was shocking to me. If you've been hanging around online hook-ups sites for years and meeting up with guys and girls there, you'll probably be amused that it was such a big deal. But if you are just starting out in the world of erotic adventures, read on. My story could change your life forever. What I did was simple. I decided that enough was enough. I stopped meeting the guys that my friends lined up for me. They were fine, in their way - always a little straight-laced, friendly but boring. My friends thought that was what I needed. They assumed I was the polite, conventional girl my appearance suggested. After all, it was never me who disappeared with a stranger halfway through an evening, appearing the next day haggard and smiling. I was always the "sensible one" - and it was agony. Like many women, it was all a lie. I was playing a role given to me by society. I was pretending to be nice, submissive and normal, when in reality, I was a wild animal. So I did what anyone would do. I rebelled.

Where My Naughty Date Rebellion Took Me

sexy schoolgirl in plaid skirtAt first, my rebellion was pretty mild. I started flirting more with the guys at work, wearing shorter skirts to bars and clubs, and experimented with a blonde haircut. All I got out of that makeover was a couple of unsatisfying dates with sleazy colleagues who thought I was acting a part for some reason. I wasn't. They had no idea that I was becoming the real me, and I think they preferred the buttoned-down version. So I moved on from those guys. I wanted something more liberated, primal and sexual. The more I rebelled, the more I thought about sex.

For the first time in my life, it dominated my thoughts. I felt like a new woman, assessing younger guys (I'm only 28, but suddenly 19 year-olds looked incredibly attractive) and responding to any come-ons I received.

Still, things weren't right. I needed something more spontaneous. Something more real. So I went online and joined an encounters website. It was the most important decision I ever made.

How I Arranged The Naughtiest Date Ever

At first I thought I would just chat. Then I started interacting with the guys on the site, and that plan went out the window. These men were single-minded, erotic machines. They weren't full of flirtatious chat and rubbish chat up lines. They were direct, clear about what they wanted, but friendly too. I started talking to one of the most handsome, a guy named Tony, and really hit it off. He was a surfing instructor on the coast, and had broken up with his wife a few years ago. Now, in between teaching how to master the waves, he had developed a taste for kinky sex. I could immediately picture his well-honed muscles on top of me, and felt the urge to experience it as soon as possible. It wasn't the old me speaking when I wrote, "Sounds great Tony" and added the usual "xxx" before adding, "I can't fucking wait. You don't know how long I've needed this." I don't know why I wrote it, but it had an immediate effect. Tony came back, "sure babe. You know what? You sound like you're up for a naughty date. I'll take care of it. Don't worry." Now, my skin was electrified. My body was in a state of instant expectation. I could almost feel his cock entering my body, doing things that I had never dreamed of doing, finding places that my parents and education suggested should never be touched. And I loved it. Could this be my chance at liberation and sexual happiness?

I Meet Tony, Then Dan, Then Steve - All in One Naughty Date Night

When I got to Tony's place, he met me at the door. His aftershave was perfectly applied and chosen - not overpowering, but classy and attractive. He was about 37 or 38, but looked younger, with meticulously trimmed stubble and a slicked back hair cut. He was also naked from the waist up and holding a couple of cocktails in his hand, one of which he offered to me. "God damn" he said, "you're even finer than your sexy pictures suggested. I love that site, man." His admiration was totally genuine. You could see his cock bursting out of his briefs. You could also see a glimmer in his eye that suggested something else. "Come into the lounge and meet..." he said, and I replied "is there anyone else?" Suddenly, things had changed. Many girls would have left immediately, but not me. Not now. "Yeah, I got the impression you wouldn't mind if I invited a few guys over." He was bold, presumptuous and totally right.

This was what I'd been fantasizing about - four muscular beach bronzed guys, all mine, all night long. Dan, Tony, Stephen and Chris were all gorgeous, and all over me as soon as I entered the lounge. It was like diving into a pool full of roses. Finally, I knew where my desire had been leading me - a life of naughty group sex, without any illusions or distractions.

The Naughty Date Night That Solved My Sexual Worries

When I say that the date with those guys was naughty, I'm using understatement. Naughtiness is throwing paper planes in class or swearing at an adult. This was on a whole other level. But it was the same kind of disobedience and rebellion. They had a school girls uniform that Tony used all the time with his dates, and it fit me perfectly. I slipped on some high heels, and the guys instantly leaped onto me, fucking me three at a time, taking turns until they grew tired. I didn't tire. I just loved every second. This was how to live, I thought. This was what sex was all about. I'd finally found my real self, all because of a quick flirt with a hot surfer guy.

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