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When Life Gets Boring, It's Time for a Naughty Date

attractive russian blonde woman with whip
Olga suggested to arrange a naughty date

I was working for a law firm in Brisbane, and I thought I was doing well. My evaluations all came back with gold stars. I got a raise every year for good work and my clients always came back for more. I guess my life was on the right track. If you looked from the outside, you would say that I was a success. I had a sports car in the suburbs, a golf club membership, I stayed in shape and a beautiful wife. But that was all for show. In reality, I was a cauldron of sexual frustration and fantasies. Deep down, I could feel the pressure rising to break free. My beautiful wife was cold and terrible in bed. My boss was a fool, and my job was unfulfilling. I was going through the motions, becoming ever more angry and frustrated at my life. And what's more, I was just becoming bored.

I Take the Decision to Arrange a Naughty Date Online

One day, I had a row with my wife. She started it. Something about travel arrangements to a friend's wedding caused her to fly into a rage. But instead of calming her down, I picked up my laptop, slammed the door and jumped into my Porsche. I had to get out. I needed someone else. So I found a private space in a cafe and logged onto an online dating site. I was desperate to talk to someone with real sexual passion, and who knew how to enjoy life. In other words, I was looking for a naughty date, after years of being obedient and playing by society's rules. Now, it was my time to rebel and claim my sexual identity. And it felt good. It felt even better when a list of hundreds of sexy local women appeared on my screen. I clicked on one of the sexiest - Camilla, a Brazilian model. She was gorgeous, but looked to conventional, so I kept looking. Soon, I came to Olga. I had no idea then, but as soon as I clicked on her profile and wrote a private message, everything would change.

I Find the Ideal Partner for a Naughty Date to end my Marriage

You could see that there was something different about Olga. She was Russian, cute and had a tight, gym-toned body. But it was her eyes that gave it away. Every picture showed her smiling mischievously. She might have been wearing a skin tight micro-skirt or a leather bodysuit, but every time she was smiling like a vixen, suggesting all sorts of kinky naughty date fantasies to a guy like me. Others had obviously felt the same. In one picture, a guy was on all fours in bondage gear and Olga was stroking him like a pet. I had never tried S&M before, but suddenly I found the prospect hard to resist. Suddenly, I wanted to break all the taboos and push back the boundaries of my sex life with the perfect sex buddy. And I wanted to do so with this stunning Russian woman. So I sent the message.

Olga Sends Her Reply and We Meet for our Naughty Date

A minute or two later Olga replied. "Hey sexy" she said, "you're new here aren't you?" and I told her I was. She sent back a smiley emoticon and just said, "Come over to my place. I'll show you how this kind of thing works." At this point, I could have gone home and begged my wife for reconciliation. I could have saved my marriage. But I was hypnotized by Olga. I was the naughty pupil, ready to be punished. I was a ball of sexual energy, primed to launch myself on Olga. I was ready to be her partner in crime, whatever she had in mind. Basically, there was no turning back. My cock was like a marble column, and it wasn't giving me any leeway. I had to have this woman or, as it turned out, she had to have me. So we arranged to meet. Her place was near the sea in an apartment building. She said that her neighbors were never around. They were probably rich Russians like her, here for a few days a month or hardly at all. She liked it that way, she said, adding "I sometimes get a little noisy" before taking me by the hand and giving me a sexy wink.

Olga Shows me What I've Been Missing all my Life

We started talking on her couch, getting closer all the time. Olga put on some porn as we spoke, turning the volume down so that the moans came across gently, raising the sexual tension all the time. I told her about my marriage, my job and my frustration. She knew all about it. The thing was, she told me, that guys need to break away, "they need to be naughty" she said, pretending to be serious. So I told her that nothing was naughtier than destroying my marriage. But I was wrong. Within seconds we were stripping. She'd been turned on by the idea of breaking my marriage apart.

I was aroused by my disobedience. It all came together in an hour of raw sexual passion as we fucked on the couch, then on her rug, in her kitchen - and finally, in her room. She straddled me and rode me calling me a "naughty little boy" and playfully slapping me as she rose and fell.

Then, before I knew it, I was bound and handcuffed. She sucked me and then stopped, seeing that I was right on the edge of a volcanic orgasm. I begged her, but she left me there, tied up, powerless. Holding her pussy, she said "Now, we will make this a really naughty date", and she had my phone in her hand. I didn't even try to stop her. In fact, I became more aroused as she spoke to my wife, rubbing herself all the time. "Yes," she gasped, as she told my wife about our sexual passion, "yes, that's it." She hung up, and as the phone hit the bed, I came, with the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. My marriage may have ended, but something better had begun.

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