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How the Naughty Date Happened

couple in hot action after date
"I had not been with a man for about 30 days"

I am Brenda 23 years old, from Canberra and my boyfriend then was John. Many people have had different experiences on their dates, but this one was a sexual encounter that left us satisfied and even in love with each other more. It was a boring weekend,and we had nothing scheduled to do. I urged him that we look for something to do that could excite us and make us lively. We decided to take a walk which led us to a busy joint to have some drinks and enjoy ourselves. The place was packed to capacity that afternoon but there were a few seats at the back. So we decided to sit at the very back although, it was not one of our favorite spots. However, the place turned to be amazing because we could kiss and cuddle as we enjoyed our drinks. After a while, I excused myself to go to the ladies leaving my man behind who told me not to stay for long.

Soon I was back, and this time, I had to kiss him. He was looking handsome and gave him a long deep kiss that was wet. It was then that I began running my tongue up and down on top of his lips. Pulling away, I fixed my two fingers on his mouth. He was smiling at the moment, saying that I was driving him crazy. I licked my fingers just one by one, making my pussy wet and even hot.

My heart was beating faster, and I was moaning begging him to be inside me. Suddenly, we realized that most people had gone and apart from some few couples who were cuddling, we were the only ones left. That is the time I kissed him passionately running the tip of my tongue all over his face. I kissed the ears, nose, and the neck. I then opened his shirt slowly, making my hand slide over his whole body. His heart was beating fast at the moment as I kissed his chest pushing my tongue down.

How it happened

I knelt on the floor, sliding down between his legs. I began unzipping his pants; as I looked at his face, I could see that he was smiling and feeling the pleasure, something I love to see.

I held his cock tightly as I pulled it out. It came out bursting looking fresh and thick. I took it and ran it inside my lips for a moment before I began licking it slowly from the front. I could hear some moans as I continued to do it intensively. He then lay his head on the seat as I licked it. Holding his dick tightly, I ran my tongue in a slow manner right from the tip of the cock to his balls.

I was deliberate to do it, with spit flowing from my mouth. I licked it until he began squirming. I wrapped my hands around his cock, and it felt like bursting. I twisted my fingers in different directions and held him tightly, sucking the head and teasing it with the tongue. I swallowed him just slowly to make him feel it. Then in a gentle way, I reached his balls and licked them up and down as well as back and forth

I was Hungry for Days

I had not been with a man for about 30 days or so, and so I was hungry for him. I took his shaft in and out of my mouth, licking and sucking it because I had been hungry for days, starving in fact. That is why I licked, sucked, and slurped as I held him tightly with my hands. With my head pushed all the way down, the tip of his dick almost reached my throat. Feeling it, he held my head tightly by my hair and even gave it a push. I felt nervous, but I could not help but push even more as he bent down to the back of my throat. At this time he could no longer seat, so he stood halfway, held my head tightly and moved his butt back and forth, around as well as side by side. Suddenly, he removed his dick, rammed it and took it back right to my throat. He watched me helplessly, as I jerked him off and flicked my tongue on the tip of the head. I drove him mad as I ensured that I held his dick tightly and licked it for the very last time as he was about to explode. Soon he exploded right in my mouth to the throat. The naughty date was getting interesting.

A bad girl

We had not planned for this naughty date, but it was turning out to be a success. He helped me to get up and sit next to him. He reached me then lifted my short skirt and to his amazement, there was still another surprise. As if shocked, he looked at me straight into my eyes and told me that I was a bad Canberra girl. He pulled my thong slowly. Draping my legs over his arms, I reached down opening to him my sweet wet pussy. At the very moment, I was sweating profusely and drenched. I wanted to make sure that I pleased him as much as I could. My pussy was even wet, and he loved it that way. He used his two fingers and reached it as he licked my clit with the tongue that felt hot and flat. I felt teased as he did it gently to the end. He pulled the fingers forward then found the sweet spot and began gently massaging it. I had to grab his head and whispered softly “don’t stop please.” I never wanted him to stop as he licked the clit just gently until I felt I could not stand it anymore. I let out a soft scream as he slipped a finger up my ass. I kept moaning, and as soon as we finished, we had to leave since the noise had been a little bit loud. It also meant the end of our romantic and naughty date.

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