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Cruising the Internet

couple caressing in the elevatorMy name is Howard, and I am 25 years. On the evenings when I was bored, I liked whiling my time away on the internet. I especially liked joining dating sites. However, I had no illusions as to what I hoped to gain from them. Apart from the naughty late night chats with possibly beautiful women, I did not expect much else. Most of the women that I would engage in animated, sexual chats wanted just that. It was still quite exciting since I had not had a girlfriend in a while.It made me feel alive, and I liked it.

However, I took an interest in one particular girl who was called Winona. She had just recently finished college, and she let it slip that she lived nearby. In college, she had been quite athletic, which set my expectations of her quite high. At first, we used to talk mostly about sex, as I did most of the time on dating sites. However, with time, we began to talk about other things. Eventually, we exchanged emails. That is when she began to send me photos of her.

Coincidentally, I had been hitting the gym quite often to get over my breakup. Thus, I was quite fit. When I sent her pictures of myself, she was even more interested. At that point, I knew I had to meet her. At first, when I brought up the issue, she was quite shy. Understandably, there were many creeps on the internet.

The Meeting

After much convincing, she finally fell for my charms. We agreed on a nice restaurant downtown. When we finally agreed on a date, I was nervous as hell. I was worried I would mess things up. I was stunned when she showed up. She wore a tight little green dress, just as we had agreed. She had a nice, soft smile, which took me to the moon, her amber eyes were quite penetrating. You could tell by how she looked at me that she was a woman who knew what she wanted. From our chats, I had come to learn that she was a lady who wanted a man who was in charge. I knew that she was shy and I had to work for it if I wanted to have her. We sat down at our table and ordered a nice meal. The service was awesome; it was a nice start to what was sure to be a fun evening. As I thought of what I would be doing to that beautiful curvaceous body of her, I smiled to myself.

In my mind, she is all I had imagined for a naughty date. She could sense, and she smiled wryly back at me. Later on, she asked if we would be having dessert. To that, I replied that I had something else in mind. I took her hand and held it in mine. I moved closer and told her that the only thing I wanted for dessert tonight was Winona. I could tell that it excited her. I watched hungrily as her nipples pressed hard against her tight little dress. The encounter was slowly turning into a naughty date!

Going to the Hotel

After our meal, I held her by the hand, and we walked out. It was a calm night, and there was a cool breeze blowing. I saw that she was cold, so I pressed closer to her at the parking lot. I placed her cheeks in my palms and gently kissed her. She responded immediately, and our tongues began to explore each other. It seemed to me that she was also expecting a naughty date. I could feel myself getting hard as we stood there in each other arms. I pulled myself from her and showed her the key that was in my pocket. She noticed that it was for a five-star hotel that was on the other side of the street from the restaurant. She did not seem shocked. She smiled at me, grabbed my manhood, and squeezed it gently. I let out a small groan, and we began to walk towards the hotel lobby holding each other’s arms. Inside the elevator, there was no one else except us.

As soon as the doors closed, we were all over each other. I reached out for her butt and squeezed her gently. I then gently lifted her green skirt and began caressing her lips. It is at that point that I noticed she was not wearing any panties. That made me even harder. As I began to rub my fingers gently up and down her pussy lips, I could feel her getting wet. She slipped one of her soft hands inside my pants and began stroking me.

At that point, I wanted to have her right there in the elevator. I lifted her up by placing her thighs on my forearms, and I began sucking her boobs gently. I wanted to pull out my monster when the elevator came to a halt. We quickly dressed up as best as we could and stepped out of the elevator.

A Pleasant Night Full of Passion

At the door to the room I booked, she reached out from behind me and began squeezing my rock hard cock again. It made finding the keyhole a bit hard, and she could not help teasing me. “I hope it is not this hard for you to find my hole.” I smiled, and I reached out and slipped my hand under her dress. “This hole?” I asked as I slid my middle finger into her wet pussy. I finally managed to open the door, and we went inside. The door had barely closed when we jumped all over each other. I unzipped her tiny dress and slid it off. Her curvaceous BBW latin body was even hotter. Her glowing, supple skin made me want her even more. I notice she was shaven clean except for a small strip. I carried her over to the bed and lay her there. As soon as I had finished undressing, she knelt on the bed and began sucking me off. I let her do it for a while before I held her shoulders and gently lay her back on the bed. She folded her knees and parted her legs in anticipation. I kissed her glistening pussy lips and then began to suck her clit. She moaned softly and pressed my head between her legs begging for more. After a while, I decided she was wet enough. I pulled up against her, with my cock lying just outside her pussy lips. She could not take it anymore. She took it in both her hands and guided it towards her wet pussy. At first, I thrust slowly and lovingly as I caressed her perky boobs. "Faster, harder"! She begged; I obliged. At that point, she was moaning loudly and screaming out my name in pleasure. After a while, I exploded deep inside her and then rolled to the side. We lay there panting heavily, knowing that this was the beginning of an awesome naughty date.

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