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Things to consider when dating Thai women

There are several benefits to dating Thai women besides the obvious one, learning another language and about another culture. I think there are many lovely girls out there who would consider interracial dating and many of my single guy friends only like Thai women. Plus, Thai girls have a much better knowledge of cuisine than girls that cook Western food or just get plain take out food.

Thai Girl in Ropes on the Beach
Thai girl know what men want in bed

Most Western girls say “I do not ever need to cook because I can get Styrofoam take out at anytime. Or I do not cook but make up for it in other sexy ways ‘wink, wink’”. Nope, cooking is an expression of love and a great meal is the time to unwind and the time when you can be human, express interest and interact with each other. Since I've only dated outside my own race I can not comment on this one, however many of my friends say that dating a Western girl is a very hard life because of the lack of traditional values.

Dress and look the part

The question of dating selection and why humans even mate at all is at the center of any conversation about meeting girls. Women choose men not just on biological needs to reproduce but also for complex psychological reasons. However, Thai women usually find a partner to satisfy a long held psychological fixation or mental and / or sexual turn on and curiosity. Traveling to foreign countries and staying in a different city allows the opportunity to explore all it has to offer while you pursue your quest in interracial dating. My most important and primary recommendation is that you try to dress as elegant and as nice as you can, think dapper suit, or upscale casual shirts. If you can not afford such clothes then dress like a cheap male model out for what he can get. It's necessary to dress nicely in order to date Thai girls. If you want to meet more Thai women on vacation then you need to look the part.

You have to fulfill their daydream, and remember to dress for success with any women you may meet. Make it a study in life on how to dress well, this will get you almost any Thai women you want. Thai women will take care of your household needs and never expect you to eat some hastily thrown together instant noodle meal even if it is from a fancy take out place, just sitting in front of the TV. There is no restaurant meal that comes close to home cooking, and Thai girls cooking is a wonderful thing. So if you dress the part of an Alpha-male or an investment banker, lawyer or a gym rat, just dress nicely and Thai women will come flocking to you. But always remember to look the part.

Engaging her physically

Now that you have dressed the part, its time to more on to engaging your Thai girl physically. Another temptation for business travelers is being in close proximity with Thai women, like in elevator or at the hotel bar or pool. It just opens up the potential for interracial dating or maybe a more spontaneous physical intimacy. You both are close, feeling each other's warmth. If Thai girls tilt their head in your direction, then you'll obviously have the green light to proceed.

You are leaning closer now and lips are just about to touch, hold on there. Consider her eyes, therefore close and also so gorgeous. Really don't say anything, just dive deep into her eyes and she will slowly shut them. The explanation for closing the Thai girls eyes is the fact that it can definitely help you experience the pleasure associated with kissing more intimately. Begin with a soft kiss on your Thai girls open lips with your mouth closed. You shouldn't be too soft or too hard, be a man and ensure that she feels being kissed and woo-ed as well. Remember not to begin with your tongue right away and pressure her too much. Going exceedingly fast will spoil the actual act. Have patience and enjoy brushing your lips on your Thai girls smooth lips.
Naked Thai Girl showing what she has

Don't forget to compliment your Thai girls

Guess what, the Thai girls love the touch of your smooth lips and are now receptive for more. Terrific! This is the way to a Thai girls heart. It becomes imperative to hold her with your hands, as the concentration of the kiss is increasing and you simply want to give her a support so that she will forget everything and dive along with you. As soon as she's in your arms, be considered a stallion and ramp up the intensity of the kiss. When she starts kissing you more fiercely (she will is you play your cards right) you can also give her more intensity as well. That is your cue to move on to the final act, but remember, go slow and look for her signal. Last although not minimal, after you both are done having sex, just thank her for that beautiful experience and don't forget to complement 'Honey! You were awesome!' Be sincere and frank in your words. All Thai women will like to share their experience, to ensure that next time you both can improve. It may even boost your confidence and assist you to spice up your sex life! So, whenever you meet your Thai girls next time, you now know what to give her and ask her for in exchange, then you can move on to more intimate activities.

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