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If You Aren't Well Endowed Don't Worry: How to Tell the Truth About Penis Size

Every guy has his own unique anxieties about sex, and one of the most common of all is feeling worried about the size of your cock. Not only is this something you can't change, it's also usually misguided.

handsome guy worried because he has a small penis
DO NOT make big deal out of your little package.

Guys routinely underrate how their penis compares to the crowd, guided by popular myths about what a proper cock should look like. Still, if you really have a micro-cock, sometimes it's best to admit it. That way, you'll avoid any bedroom disappointment.

Here's how to go about telling the truth about your little man.

Do You Even Need to Tell Her?

Before you even think about making a big deal of a little package, ask yourself this: if your partner is so great that you want to spend almost all of your time with her, and she's the kind of girl who is really into you, will a slightly smaller than average penis be a deal breaker?


There's a good chance that you are making yourself sick with penis anxiety over nothing at all, and that this anxiety is feeding into the way you relate to your lover. Get real. Most girls have seen it all, and aren't going to dump you over an inch or two, specially when it is just about having NSA fun, having sex it's what it's all about.

Don't Act Macho If You're Worried About Measuring Up

Here's a rookie mistake that many worried guys make. To compensate for their perceived lack of muscle down below, they act tough and try to take a macho attitude towards other things.

Bear in mind when you are starting to date a girl that you're going to have to get naked in front of her soon enough, and all of the macho posturing in the world won't erase the fact that you aren't porn star material. So don't play the jock and act like a meathead - let your personality shine.

After all, it's what hooked her in the first place.

man before sex overthinking about his small penis
Become a foreplay master and all worries will vanish.

Focus on Foreplay

Before your penis is even glimpsed, there's a good chance that you'll be able to make a good impression to soften the blow. In fact, guys who are foreplay masters are rarely the type to worry about their Johnson at all.

They know that stimulation is about more than penetration and girth: it's about intimacy and involves all types of touch.

PRO TIP: Master It!

Always lead in foreplay, and try to resist the urge to move towards full penetration. If you wow her with your hands and tongue, and caress her erogenous zones sensuously, you'll find that the length of your cock is a sideshow. She's already be halfway to ecstasy before your zipper is unfastened.

Honesty Will Pay Off - When Done Right

Having said that, there's still a good case for establishing lines of communication about sex before you get close to the bedroom. That's especially the case if you feel deep down that she's going to be "the one" for a long-term commitment.

How do you start the conversation about sex without ending in humiliation?

PRO TIP: Don't Shy Away

Look her in the eyes and ask her what she enjoys. Joke around, sure, but don't be self deprecating. Tell her you may not look like a beast, but be clear about your self-confidence and poise.

She'll sense that size really isn't everything if you project a personality who really believes that to be true.

Stop Worrying and Start Fucking

So far, we've talked mainly from the perspective of guys who actually do have something to worry about. If your penis is less than 4.5-inches when erect, then your partner will notice its size. That's inevitable, and it's best to be honest if that applies to you.

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However, there's an army of men out there who think that 6-inches is small. They've seen too many movies with bloated members, and now their minds are scrambled and they assume that 10-inch cocks are all over the place. Well, here's a reality check: The average cock size is 5.1-inches erect. That's all.

So don't worry yourself over nothing.

REMEMBER: Women Looking for Men With Horse Dicks Aren't the Rule

Here's another word of caution for sex-obsessed guys. States suggest that around 95 percent of women are happy with the penis size of their partner. We know that 95 percent of guys aren't hung like a horse, so that's a good indicator that girls just aren't fixated on the phallus.

sexy couple having sex
Your cock's size might not help, but your confidence will!

Here's the weird thing: Over half of guys are unhappy with their penis size. Let's repeat that mad statistic: 50 percent of men feel sad because of something that they have absolutely no chance of changing and which women hardly care about.

Damn! That's a lot of worry over nothing, don't you think?

It doesn't matter whether you're hunting down a fuck buddy or starting a long-term relationship, worrying about cock size won't help. If you are genuinely small, honesty is important.

But for most guys, mastering massage and foreplay and acting mature will neutralize many of their doubts.

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