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How to Ride a Man to a Better Climax

There is something about a women riding a man that drives guys wild. Whether it’s a matter of control or the way it looks, this popular sexual position is very popular among both sexes. But if this is a position you like, are you certain it’s as good as it could be?

sexy lady knows how to ride a man
Balance yourself to find the perfect technique!

Whether you’re having no-strings attached sex or in a committed relationship, you can drive your man wild in the bedroom with just a few tweaks to your technique.

Here are a few tips on riding a man to a better climax.

Get your Hands in the Right Place

Your partner or fuck buddy needs to begin by lying flat on his back. You should then straddle him, and gently sit down on his erection. Easy, right? Well, the fun is only just beginning, because you need to balance yourself to perfect the technique.

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You have two options here: rest your hands on his chest or his knees. Choosing the chest will bring you closer together, and all you start stare intently into one another’s eyes. But leaning back and using his knees for balance will allow him to get even deeper into you.

PRO TIP: THE BEST METHOD? - Try both methods to see which works best for you. However, you should never let things turn boring. Mix things up to keep your sex life fresh.

Try the Reverse Cowgirl

A lot of men like to see their woman’s behind as she rides him, so you should be aware of your man’s preferences before starting. Ask him if he’d like you to turn around and grind away in the opposite direction.

All you need to do is turn the other way so you’re facing his feet, and lower yourself onto him gently. If your guy is an ass man, this is going to drive him wild.

Get Close

Once you’re riding him, you can get up close and personal for a cuddle. This is always a good idea if you want to be intimate, or if you’re not comfortable showing off your body.

With him still inside you, lower your upper body until it meets his. Keep working your hips on him while you kiss his face and neck.

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It’s All in the Hips

You don’t need to thrash away on top of your man to give him an amazing experience. In fact, most men actually like to see their woman gyrate sensually. This requires a smooth and slow hip action. Rather than simply rocking back and forth, rotate your hips in a circular motion.

Every now and then, lift off him slightly — to the point his penis is about to come out of you. Then, very slowly, drop back down on him. At this point, some hair flicking and gently moaning will have him extremely excited.

hot couple with her riding her man
Go on TOP and give him an amazing experience...

Dealing with Nerves

If you and your partner have never tried this particular position before, you don’t have to suffer in silence. The simple fact is: if you’re nervous, the chances are he is too. Talk about what you both want, and be totally honest. This should break the ice and get things going.

Riding a guy puts your whole body on show — something you might no be totally comfortable with. If this is the case, ask your partner if you can do it with the lights off. Over time, you’ll become more comfortable, and leaving the lights on may well be your preference.

You can deal with your nerves and make a special occasion of the event by having a few drinks beforehand. After a few glasses of wine together, your inhibitions will start to fade away… and your libido will be through the roof!

Finally, this is a two-way process — you should be getting pleasure from it too. Work on hitting your own G-spots, and don’t be afraid to ask your guy to changes positions where appropriate. If you have a great time, so will he.

PRO TIP: THE POWER OF THE ATTRACTION - Never forget that the man you’re riding is attracted to you — otherwise he wouldn’t want you to do this. Knowing that you’re making your guy hard should give you the confidence to ride him like a horse!

Get Some Inspiration

You can either dive into bed and start riding your man, or you can take the time to do some research. And one thing’s for sure: you’ll love this type of research.

Suggest to your partner that you watch some erotic videos featuring a woman riding a man. This will give you a few pointers on technique, and it might even inspire you to dress up or try a little role play.

You can also get onto adult dating sites and ask questions of the other members. People are often more than happy to give advice on issues such as this, so don’t be shy. These people have sex with virtual strangers every week, so they’ll definitely have a few tricks up their sleeves.

naughty girl riding him on the floor
Mix it up: Ride him in different places.

Mix Things Up

If you start to rely on one position, things will become boring. But this doesn’t mean you need to stop making this position a priority. If you’re worried about things getting boring and predictable, there are a few things you can try.

For instance, instead of always riding your man in bed, take the action somewhere else. Riding a man on a rug in front of a fire can be a very romantic and sensual experience. If you’re feeling dirty, head outdoors for some fun in public.

Just make sure your man can lie flat and still, otherwise the techniques described above won’t work.

If you’re confident in the strength of your legs, you could even hover over your man and gently move up and down on him. You might also want to try riding him with your legs to one side.

PRO TIP: A PACT BETWEEN YOU TWO - Make a pact with your partner to ride him in every room of your home.

At the end of the day, this isn’t rocket science. Know what your man likes, perfect your technique and keep things fresh — and you’ll be riding your man for years to come.

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