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Tips on How to Not Be The Creepy Guy

Just standing in front of her brings a sense of embarrassment. An embarrassment because it all backfires on you. Your intentions mean well. You want to get to know her more, but you're now tongue-tied and look like a creep. What next?

creepy guy trying to greet a pretty girl
Don't strike a lady as being creepy!

Well, keep on reading and find out more on everything about how to not get creepy but instead be charming and a whole load of fun to hang around with. Before getting creepiness to be a thing of the past, it's good that we understand its definition after that get to know what triggers it.

Creepy can be defined as bringing about feelings of uneasiness or jitters because you want something from someone, but instead, choose to lie about your sole intentions.

Creepiness Tell-tale Signs

Trying to impose yourself on a woman even after she has made it clear that she's not interested in you by keeping the conversation going. Talking about mundane topics like the weather kills it, to say the least.

Your level interest in a woman is far beyond the intention you're implying to have. There's nothing to talk about, but you are trying hard to keep the conversation alive.

Keep in mind that once you strike a lady as being creepy, that's how she'll view you for as long as you stick around.That said, the best way to making a woman to have jitters or feel uneasy is by suddenly changing your behavior into cool mode.

Obviously, you'll look like you're putting in too much effort and you'll just look fake.

Social Calibration

Some of the points mentioned above basically boil down to possessing social calibration traits. Being at ease around people makes it easy for you to understand and know exactly what you want. Presenting yourself in a manner that seems interesting and pleasing without "coming on too strong" should come out naturally.

Well, you've probably been told time and time again to be yourself. All these pointers might seem quite unrealistic to you because being yourself will ruin everything. Don't worry though. Here is some handy and practical advice on how to not come out as a desperate and lonely guy, a creep.

Stop Looking Everywhere

girl trying to avoid a creepy guy
Are you a desperate and lonely guy?

This is a total NO GO. Looking around makes you look like a lone predator with 'evil' intentions. You don't look like you are out to have a great time. Instead, you spell out doom for the girls. Yeah. They too can sense, smell and see danger from miles away whenever they see a predator. A complete turn off for any single girl.

If you want to stand out in this regard, try and flow into a conversation without trying too hard. Spot women you would like to interact with without necessarily having to look directly at them.

You Look So Much Better When You Smile

I know you can't get enough of that smiling hunk looking back at you from your mirror. Did you know there's so much to smile than just bringing out that gorgeous face? Well, whenever you smile, feel-good hormones called endorphins are released. A smile oozes out confidence, the most attractive trait in a guy.

True, anxiety is a significant barrier at this point. Just try and relax at this point. Also, be animated with your facial imagination.

Now, imagine smiling at a woman you like with the feel-good hormones flowing all over you. Put the imagination into action and see the results work like a charm. Absolutely phenomenal.

Too Much Body Going Around, Not Good

Giving full body attention all the time makes you "come out too forcefull." You'll keep pointing at your torso, head, and eyes directly while talking to that hottie. Instead of doing this, try and get used to speaking with a woman over your shoulder.

Instead of giving them a full frontal, open her with the side of your body directed to her.

Body Language That Spells Out Confidence

Avoid walking with your hands in the pocket. This will ultimately relinquish every ounce of confidence you have left in you. Why is this? You are telling your mind in a kind of reverse feedback loop that you're not confident.

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Change your body language and see it work like magic. Sure, this doesn't happen overnight. It requires that you practice consistently and relentlessly for your mind to get used to the positive changes.

Never walk looking downwards but instead look straight ahead, take your hands out of the pocket, and stand tall with your shoulders back.

Remember: As a man thinketh so is he. Think like a confident man, and you'll begin feeling and being like one.


Deep breaths have an instant effect on your physiology. It helps in calming your nervous system. Shallow breathing, on the other hand, does the exact opposite and nervousness sets in. When this happens, take slow breaths that will certainly revitalize you. No doubt about that.

Eye Contact Only When Necessary

Confidence is key here. I can go on renting of how important it is for you to maintain confidence. Holding eye contact just shows that you are present. That you are listening intently to what's being said.

Keep in mind: Staring a girl down will only make her uncomfortable. Look away once in a while not to send out the wrong signals.

Look and Smell Good

Appeal to the senses. Let everything about you look amazing, sound beautiful, taste yummy, smell enticing, and you'll naturally feel great. Don't overlook the power of breath mints and a freshly laundered shirt before dashing out.

You wouldn't want to be an instant turn-off to that woman who you'd like to mingle with. That's one of the things women looking for men love in guys.

attractive woman willing to run away from a creepy guy
Staring a girl down will only make her uncomfortable.

In a Wrap

After all is said, just stop and think whether you're adding any value to any of these ladies you meet. If the answer is no, then you should seriously focus on how you can make them feel special as you put these steps into action.

By being sincere about your intentions and providing value to women, the "creepy guy" name tag will gradually be a thing of the first. You'll be that guy every woman will want to hang around with.

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