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How to Make Your Vagina Taste Better

The smell and scent of the vagina has always been a huge source of concern for many women. Imagine your man going down on you and immediately gets turned off by the odour.

sexy naked female torso lying covered with orquideas
Many men are turned on by the natural smell and taste of vagina.

That’s a bit farfetched perhaps and even if it did happen, the consequences may have an indelible mark on you. Your confidence may get completely wiped out and feelings of insecurity will linger as you try to please your partner.

Is it possible to make your vagina taste and smell good? Well, let’s get into the intricate details to find out.

Mind What You Eat and Drink

Your vagina is mainly made up of the vulva, which includes the clitoris and labia. Your partner will focus on this spot when going down on you. Your vulva can be the source of the pungent smells even if it seems to emanate from inside your vagina.

It should be noted that the taste of your vagina can be influenced by a blend of factors.

First off: Your vagina has a natural taste and odor. You can expect it to have a tinge of muskiness and can also have a sweaty smell. There are instances that the odor may be sharply pungent, such as after a brisk walk.

Additionally, the metallic smell may be heightened during your menses. Some foods can influence the way you taste. Pineapples are highly recommended for that fragrant and yummy vagina. Other strongly recommended fruits and drinks are: yogurt, celery, lots and lots of water, apples, cranberry juice, and strawberries.

In a nutshell, fruits that are acidic and smell nice will do the trick.

Avoid garlic, coffee, beer, fish, meat, onions, and asparagus. Essentially, foods that will require you to carry breath fresheners around and cause you to pass out weird gases can be classified as enemies of oral sex.

There’s no scientific evidence for this, and we can’t classify it as a myth or a fallacy either.

Keep it Clean

A great percentage of men are turned on by the natural smell and taste of vagina because it equates to wild, thrilling sex. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wash up and freshen the pubic region at least twice a day.

hot blonde eating strawberries for a good vagina taste
Some foods can influence the way you taste, strawberries are on the list!

It’s a given that sexual etiquette requires that you maintain excellent hygienic standards. Use unscented soap or body wash with a neutral Ph so that you don’t interfere with your vajayjay’s delicate nature.

Additionally, douching should be avoided since it can also interfere with your vagina’s pH. You’ll be harming the good bacteria, and this can cause a yeast or bladder infection.

Eating chunks upon chunks of pineapple will not make the bizarre odour disappear. You’ll have to book an appointment with your gyno for this.

That in mind, your vagina has a mechanism of cleaning itself up, hence cleansing inside is a total no go. Only work on the vulva. Cleanse thoroughly with water and get in there as much as you can with your fingers to remove any forms of discharge.

When you’re done cleaning the area, ensure that you dry the area properly. The essence of doing this is to get rid of any trapped moisture that may cause funky smells.

Make a point to steer clear of scented soap, body wash or ointment that may negatively affect the natural smell of juices below your waist. You’ll enjoy great oral sex without having second guesses about how you smell and taste.

Your partner will also not cringe at the thought of eating you out but will savor going down on you. It’s a win-win scenario.

Remember: Taking a shower to remove all the grime and sweat before crawling into bed with your partner is imperative. This is especially after a long, hot day in the sun, an exhilarating workout, or when you’re on your period.

You wouldn’t want to gross him out and miss out on the action, now would you?

Loose Fitting and Clean Clothing is the Way to Go

As mentioned earlier, bacteria will tend to thrive in damp areas, so it’s important to maintain the dryness of your genitals. Do this by putting on clean and loose-fitting clothes and undies made of natural fibers like 100% cotton.

Cotton does not trap moisture and will, therefore, prevent any possibilities of yeast infections. Cotton panties also allow the vagina to “breathe”, are absorbent and are comfortable.

It’s worth noting that your panties are just as sensitive as your vagina and the same rules apply. Non-scented detergents or soaps are ideal for washing your panties so that no chemicals will interfere with your vagina’s natural taste.

Bring Out Your Best Smell and Taste During Sex

Try out a flavored or scented product when your man goes down on you. Some products contain menthol which guarantees extra pleasure and sensation.

Chemicals containing glycerine should never be used internally as they pose a threat of yeast infection. You want to make your vagina taste and smell better, not make it worse.

Don’t Let it Stress You Out

Vaginas don’t taste like chocolate bars or cookies, and that’s perfectly fine. What you must keep in mind though is that your genital’s natural smell and taste are nothing to be ashamed of. After all, sex should be wild and dirty.

man taking out red underware from his lady
Non-scented detergents or soaps are ideal for washing your panties.

It should fire you up and ignite your most intimate fantasies!

So, tasting and smelling good isn’t something that you must necessarily do. Think of it more as a way to spruce up oral sex. If your sex partner has an issue with going down on you because of your vajayjay’s natural smell, he probably doesn’t know what he’s missing out.

Instead of beating yourself up and getting all stressed out about how your vagina should smell and taste like, savor every intimate moment as it avails itself. Your vagina should taste just as good in its natural state if you stick to the right diet, are perfectly healthy, and your hygiene standards are impeccable.

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