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Become An Expert at Seduction in a Few Easy Steps

Seduction is one thing they never teach you at school (unless you count reading Romeo and Juliet as a lesson in romance) but it's definitely a skill. Not many guys are born to seduce women. They learn how to do so, just like picking up a musical instrument or learning a language.

Girl handing in her room keys to handsome guy
Flirtation is one of the key skills of any ladies' man.

There's no need to leave your sexual conquests to luck. This article explains how to use proven seduction techniques to land the women you want, every time.

Be Bold: Summon up the Courage to Flirt

Flirtation is one of the key skills of any ladies' man, but few guys really bother to learn how to do so. Flirting isn't just a matter of dropping a compliment when you first meet a woman. It's something that you need to keep going over a series of dates.

Constantly tell her she looks fantastic, laugh at her jokes, highlight her cultural taste or her dinner choices. And couple that with physical flirtation: look into her eyes, make some under-the-table foot contact - anything to show that you are engaged and passionate about her.

Women and Men Have Different Reasons to Sleep with Each Other

When it comes to seduction, here's a crucial thing that many guys seem to forget: women and guys aren't the same. Although you may be turned on primarily by her figure, her face or her taste in outfits, that's not the case with her (well, only a little).

When women sleep with guys, they are sleeping with their personalities as much as their bodies. They want more than a six-pack and a cute smile. They need to feel that they are embracing someone who is fun to be around, genuine and really into them. So don't neglect the social and intellectual side of dating. Crack jokes, be understanding and sensitive, and you'll reap the rewards later on.

Don't Try to Impress Her Too Much

Couple after sex
Be confident and get her!

Here's another weird thing that guys often overlook: women aren't trophies to be won by the wittiest, most muscular or wealthiest guy around. They won't respond positively if you show off your designer gear to obviously, or use your wealth to belittle others.

Try to rein in your self-confidence and focus it on demonstrating your gentler side. Don't go all-out to impress your date with your exploits or connections. Sure, you can mention what you do and who you know, but do it in a modest way, one that signals that you don't place yourself above everyone else.

Accept that She's A Free Agent, and Don't Try to Control Her

When guys flirt and try to bag hot girls at bars, they often instinctively take a possessive approach, trying to steer their quarry away from her friends, and fencing her off from other guys by their body language. Don't fall into that trap.

If you don't know a girl well, taking physical control of her isn't going to go down well. She'll be more impressed by guys who are relaxed and happy for her to meet other people - with the understanding that the initial connection has been made. With luck, that will turn into sex later on in the evening, but you can easily destroy the spark with a controlling attitude, so chill out.

Look Her in the Eyes

This one is fundamental. Many guys who aren't experienced in the art of seduction make a bad first impression with a shy, diffident approach. They say hello, and their conversation could be fine, but by failing to make eye contact and establish a deeper connection, they never really get the attention of the woman they are trying to impress.

Always look her in the eyes. Don't stare, but try to return to her eyes as much as possible, and never appear distracted. She's your sole focus of attention, and if you become distracted, she'll know straight away that you aren't serious.

Play it Cool and Cut Contact for a few Days

Sometimes, absence makes the heart grow fonder, something that all romantic lotharios know. When you've started dating or texting a girl and want to take her attraction to another level, it's time to draw back for a while.

If you go away (or say you are going away) for a day or two, and lose contact with her for that period, she will naturally start to miss your messages and presence, hammering home the initial attraction she has started to feel for you.

Don't Slip into the Friend Zone Unwittingly

When you've started to date, now is the time to show that you aren't just another guy, but there's a difficult balancing act to be struck that skillful seducers know all about. On one hand, you need to show your sensitivity and talk about a wide range of subjects to show off your intelligence and establish common ground.

But on the other there's something you absolutely need to avoid: don't become a friend to her, before you've become a lover. Always make your physical passion clear by words and gestures. Flirt sexually, compliment her look and don't back down from intimacy. It's easy to be locked in the "friend zone", and it's hard to ever get back from there.

Play the Long Game with Co-workers and Friends

So far, we've been talking about how to hook girls you meet on nights out or online, but many guys are also desperate to get with people they see every day. This poses its own problems (particularly if you are already friends), but there's one basic solution: try to establish some form of tension between you.

Three beautiful girls with a guy on bed
Small things that create a subconscious connection, let her notice you!

Brush past her at the coffee machine, compliment her outfit in the elevator, make small talk and look into her eyes - small things that create a subconscious connection. Make her notice you, but don't signal your intentions. It's all about turning from a friend or colleague into a potential date - very different things.

And it takes time. Give it a few weeks, and then go further. After that, it's time to invite her for a drink. If the tension is high enough, she'll find it impossible to refuse.

Seduction is Something Any Guy can Achieve

If you follow these tips and try to stay focused, confident and level-headed, it doesn't matter who you are - you can hook up with the hottest girls around. Whether they are hotties at the local bar, foxy co-workers or sexy online dates, seduction isn't just for smooth-talking experts. It's something anyone can learn - and it works.

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