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How to Cure Masturbation Death Grip Syndrome?

Basically, curing DGS and renewing sensitivity is a process that can take not less than a month. Read through to understand how to swiftly take up the process.

sexy guy lying on the bed with DGS
Do you want to greatly improve your sex life?

1st Week: Take a break from any stimulation

In the first week, you’ll have to keep your hands or anyone else’s hands off your penis. That is, no sex, no masturbation, no porn. Taking a break will definitely call for some self-discipline. Despite how tempting it might be, it is necessary to abstain completely.

In case of erections, you’d better endure them and appreciate them for what they are! All through the week, perhaps you might want to check on a few items that contribute to your overall wellness not to mention sexual health.

Ensure you’re taking a healthy diet, moderate exercise, adequate sleep, and a good stress management. You’ll greatly improve your sex life. Of course, at the end of the week, you’ll be dying to do something about it.

Week 2: You can Masturbate Once this Week

After the week of no pleasuring at all, one can slowly work masturbation into the mix. Care should be taken when doing it to ensure you don’t interfere with the healing process. You should try it as described below.

Wait for the erection! Irrespective of the day to it, you need to wait for the erection rather than causing the erection using your hand. The sensation is usually stronger when both your body and mind are into it.

They’ll definitely drive your brain to allow timely erection and response to stimulation given. You shouldn’t command yourself to masturbate. Instead, the body should command you to masturbate.

You’ll want to make time for it. You probably should break the behavior of rushing through masturbation. When you’re focused on breaking the patterns resulting in a death grip, speed, and quick release will not be the point of masturbating.

Perhaps you need to put everything else off and have time to focus, relax and enjoy it.

Avoid jerking off. Remember: you are retraining yourself to be more sensual and responsive to gentle stimulation like those of sex.

You’ll want to make masturbation feel more like sex with BBW girls. How about taking your time? You can use a personal lubricant and masturbate with a loose grip.

worried man worried about his DGS condition
All you need is to establish a penis care regimen.

Make sure you’re gentle with yourself. As such, you can try using plenty of lube and glide your hands loosely over your penis and let the lubrication give the friction that will stimulate you just as a fuck buddy would ride on you moderately.

How about trying to masturbate using a condom? When you incorporate a condom into the approach above, you’ll definitely reduce the sensation you feel from your hands. This will assist you to reduce the tolerance to stimulation boosting your sensitivity.

This helps especially if you’re used to penetrating your naughty date with a condom only to have difficulties reaching the climax. However, try putting some lube in the condom prior to putting it one; hope you’re not embarrassed to grab some lube at a nearby store.

If you are, you can still order some online.

Week 3 and 4: Masturbate Only Twice Each Week With New Techniques

The remaining two weeks, you’ll only need to masturbate twice a week. However, you’ll want to try out new techniques of masturbating! You ought to ensure that:

  1. You only masturbate when an erection happens - You should not stroke yourself to an erection.
  2. Do it when you have enough time to avoid rushing through it - You need to masturbate as long as you need it.
  3. You use lubes - Trying out condoms is even better.
  4. The techniques used in masturbation are more or less similar to penetrating a fuck buddy - it should be gentle, lubricated and friction at a moderate speed to bring out the feeling of sex.

After going through the process, you’ll want to try out the following to ensure a healthy and sustained sex life;

Promote a Healthy Penis

Apart from the recovery processes explained above, one can further establish a penis care regimen to ensure that his penis has a healthy skin, nerve tissue, and no damages at all whatsoever! Keeping it clean is one way of promoting healthy penis.

Built up body fluids, dead skin cells and dried-on swear often cause irritation not to mention infections.

It is advisable to always put on comfortable and non-restrictive pants that leave room for breathing and a healthy circulation. This ensures that the nerve and skin cells are well nourished and functioning at their peak!

man back into action after DGS treatment
When you get back on the game focus on the pleasure of it!

You might also want to apply a natural penis health crème. This crème is enriched with vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that are aimed at promoting penis sensation along with countering the effects of death grip syndrome.

Lastly, you might want to try purchasing a fleshlight. Fleshlight offers a soft, smooth passage that replicates the intense sensation caused by penetrative sex with a female.

It is made using non-toxic materials that can last an entire lifetime; of course with proper care and cleanup. If all these do not add up to reaching orgasm during sex, perhaps you might want to try sharing with your partner.

Some of these problems are psychological; perhaps your anxiety is based on your previous failures. Sharing with your partner might help alleviate that anxiety.

A good sex life is important. However, it is your duty to make it happen. Good diet, having a healthy penis, and a little bit of exercise are a few ways to achieving good sex life.

Avoid stress and unnecessary anxiety over past failures. Focus on what your partner wants and what you get in return; sex is mutual.

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