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Introducing the Venus Butterfly

The Venus Butterfly was popularized by a bestselling 1980s book called the "The One Hour Orgasm" by Leah and Bob Schwartz, but it has probably been around for far longer.

man realizing the venus butterfly technique
With the venus butterfly hit the spot and reach full ecstasy!

At its most basic, it's a simple sexual technique that allows guys to stimulate their partners over long periods through cunnilingus and hand stimulation. However, the Schwartzes came up with a much more effective, more complex technique that all sexual experts need to know. Here's a quick guide for anyone who wants to give it a try.

Reach Incredible Sexual Highs by Mastering the Venus Butterfly

There are several stages in carrying out the Venus Butterfly properly and you need to follow all of them if you want to give your partner a constant stream of orgasms.

  • First off, prepare the ground with foreplay and kissing.
  • After that, pull back her clitoral hood and gently stimulate her clitoris by stroking it with your fingers or tongue.
  • Before she reaches climax (this is really important), pull away.
  • Now, move back to the edge of her vagina and use your tongue to make circular movements.
  • When she's calmed down a little, go back to the clitoral stimulation phase and take her to the brink of orgasm.

Hit the G-Spot to Achieve the Perfect Venus Butterfly Climax

Now, look into her eyes and ask her if she wants to reach the ultimate climax. When she agrees (and she will), keep licking her clitoris and reach two fingers into her vagina until you find her G-spot (a vibrator works well here too).

Tap the G-spot gently, sending her into a rapture of sexual pleasure, usually with more than one orgasm. If everything has gone well, the whole process can keep going for well over an hour. That's why the authors chose their title, but they were being modest.

A well-executed Venus Butterfly can keep going, and is going on for ages.

What to Remember When Carrying Out the Venus Butterfly

Not every guy has the sexual skills to carry out a Venus Butterfly, so don't be too hard on yourself if the One Hour Orgasm doesn't materialize. And don't expect instant results either.

The whole process relies upon a gradual increase of sexual tension. You need to learn how to slowly bring your partner to near the peak of sexual pleasure, before taking her down a little - not too much - then ratcheting up the enjoyment once again.

This takes physical skill. You need to know exactly how to find and stimulate her clitoris, and how to find her G-spot. It's also a good idea to talk about the process.

Find out when you are really hitting the spot, and when she's just giving the impression of ecstasy. With luck and skill, you'll soon be giving your partner out of this world orgasms thanks to the Venus Butterfly.

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