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Introducing Vaginal Douching

Douching is an incredibly popular practice which is basically a supplement to everyday vaginal washing. In most cases, it involves applying a specially prepared spray to the vaginal region to wash away dirt, menstrual blood and - most importantly - any lingering odours.

sexy blonde about to take a vaginal douching session
Vaginal Douching, the practice of washing or flushing the vagina!

The douches themselves vary in composition, but usually involve some kind of fragrance, and they also tend to include an antiseptic compound. Available in most supermarkets across the country, they are simple to apply. They are also used by around 20 percent of women - so douching is hardly a niche activity.

Are There Any Risks Attached to Vaginal Douching?

Simply washing your vagina with soap and warm water is absolutely fine, but when more complex douching preparations are used, there may be some risks to think about.

For one thing, regular douching can kill off healthy bacteria in the vaginal area (also known as your "vaginal flora"). As with the human gut, vaginas have their own community of micro-organisms which keep it healthy and prevent infections. Douching can damage these communities and lead to some nasty conditions.

Some studies have linked douching to fertility problems as well. Apparently, if you douche more than once every week, you'll have a noticeable reduced chance of conception, while the probability of an ectopic pregnancy are also increased.

Why Do Women Choose to Douche Regularly?

Despite these risks, douching is undeniably popular. In the past, many women used douches as a way to reduce the chance of becoming pregnant. They thought that washing out their vagina after sex would act as a spermicide - which we know isn't true. But some people still use douching for that reason.

Other people douche to avoid or treat vaginosis - the infection of the vaginal cavity. As we know, that probably won't help much. In fact, douching tends to promote infection, but it's still a very common practice.

More commonly, women douche because they want to achieve a kind of freshness, both for their own benefit and their lovers. They also might associate a fresh smelling vagina with good health, even if that isn't strictly speaking the case.

Do Men Douche?

Douching definitely isn't restricted to women. Gay guys commonly resort to rectal douching, particularly those who prefer to play the bottom role in sexual encounters.

Again, there are some risks involved. For instance, rectal douching has been linked to HIV infection and conditions like Hepatitis B. But many guys don't mind, preferring to keep their rectum and anus clean and fresh for their partners.

So there's more than one form of douching around. Whatever way you choose, there are some dangers to think about, but that won't stop millions of people freshening up today with the douche of their choice.

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