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Stashing Defined in Easy to Understand Terms. Have You Heard?

The term "stashing" refers to a dating technique whereby one person will not introduce you to any significant people in their lives. This means no family introductions, nights out with best friends or invites to work engagements.

girlfriend realizing her boyfriend is stashing her in social media
Online stashing occurs on all forms of social media.

To all intents and purposes you're hidden from anybody in their life that matters. By hiding you from relevant players in the lives, stashers aim to avoid any semblance of commitment and tend to play stupid when you assume there ever was any firm tie to them.

It doesn't only play out in real time:

Online Stashing

Online stashing occurs when somebody refuses to acknowledge a person on all forms of social media. This could have been from the outset, or may occur later on after an already established connection is terminated.

Usually it occurs when you tag somebody and they ignore your content, or post only non-committal content about your time together, never overtly stating that you are an item. Their relationship status remains set on: SINGLE.

What Stashing Means

Unfortunately stashing is likely to become a permanent ending. This person is probably playing you and doesn't see you as important enough to include in their circle or family life.

In short, stashers don't view you as a permanent fixture in their lives. In some cases, they may not be ready to include you yet, but if they're getting all the other benefits of a commitment without acknowledging you, then it's best to just let them go.

How to Handle a Stasher

If you think you're being stashed it's important to get closure. It's reasonable to approach the person and ask them where you stand. It may hurt to hear the truth but it's also better in the long run.

If they persist in telling you that you matter but never behave accordingly, then you need to accept that you're being played and move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

Can I be Stashed and then Accepted?

YES! It may be that the stasher didn't know how to handle his feelings, feared you wouldn't like his friends or vice versa or has very difficult parents to deal with. In this case, an open, honest discussion about the expectations of both parties can be of benefit.

Be aware though, that this is a less common scenario. The most likely issue at play here is that the person isn't serious about you.

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