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The Beginner's Guide to the Erotic Practice of Snow Balling

If you’re someone who likes to get kinky and dirty during the throes of passion, you may have already tried snow balling. This highly erotic practice involves semen, and it doesn’t have to be yours to get involved!

couple enjoying sex with some snow balling
Snow balling will bring things kinkier around.

The full definition

Snow balling refers to the practice of taking semen in the mouth and passing it on — into the mouth of another person. The transfer of the ejaculate is usually done through kissing.

But, those who prefer things a little dirtier sometimes transfer it through spitting or dribbling.

What does snow balling involve?

Snow balling is a taboo practice that very few people admit to enjoying. Most commonly, it is between two partners.

As well, there are often several parties involved — particularly during dogging sessions or orgies. It is not unusual for the same semen to be transferred between several mouths before one of two things happens: The ejaculate is either spat out or swallowed.

Where does the term come from?

The term was first used in the gay community — used mostly between gay men. According to a survey of 1200 gay and bisexual men in 2014, 20 percent of respondents said they had engaged in the activity at least once.

However, made popular by Internet porn, the practice is now catching on with people of all sexualities.

Heterosexual couples perform the activity slightly differently. The woman usually performs oral sex on the man. When the man has climaxed inside the woman’s mouth, she kisses her partner — transferring some or all of the semen into the mouth of the man as she does so.

The ejaculate is therefore mixed with saliva. Depending on the dynamics of the relationship, the semen may pass between mouths several times, which causes its volume to increase. It is this act of slowly growing the liquid that is similar to the rolling of a snowball.

It is worth pointing out, that most men are a little uneasy about the practice. The act is similar to cum swapping. But take in mind, that this usually refers to cum being swapped between two women after a blow job.

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