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The “Shocker”- A Brief Explanation and How to Do It

The “shocker" is a sexual act that involves the insertion of fingers into a woman’s vagina and anus at the same time. To perform this act correctly, the index finger and the middle finger must be inserted into the vagina.

couple giving a try to the shocker
Surprise your sexual partner with some more action by using the "shocker" move.

Suddenly, the little finger is inserted into the anus — causing surprise and shock. The ring finger and thumb remain folded and out of the way.

The History of the Shocker

It is not known for sure where this sex act came from. However, this is a school of thought that it was made up by frat boys in American universities as a joke.

The whole idea involved surprising sexual partners and then bragging about it to friends. Most women get a fright when this sexual act is performed. The practice eventually died out through a combination of boredom and complaints from women.

However, it lives on as a popular form of sexual activity between consenting adults.

How to Perform the “Shocker”

  • The first thing you should do before performing the shocker is get consent.
  • Once you have had the conversation, you can maintain the element of surprise by performing the act without warning at a later date.
  • Using lube, start with a little gentle fingering before inserting the first finger slowly.
  • After some more sensual play, insert the second finger.
  • At this point, check with your partner that everything is OK.
  • Without warning, insert the third finger in the anus.
  • Apply pressure and a little thrust according to your partner’s requests or reactions.

Mix Things Up a Little

The act of double penetration isn’t just limited to fingers, however. Some women like to be penetrated by two penises at the same time. Alternatively, the three fingers used could be provided by two different people.

Women who want to try this act but are a little tentative can work up to it by using sex toys such as anal beads and butt plugs. If you’re not sure about inviting a third party into the bedroom, use a dildo instead.

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