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Sexual Grinding is for Men and Women Alike

As a sexual technique, sexual grinding is about increasing pleasure, and the best part is, it works for anyone. Men or women can grind, and that's one of the truly great things about it.

hot sexual grinding foreplay
Sexual grinding makes intercourse more pleasurable!

Sexual grinding is a move that lets you release all your inhibitions and get closer to your partner in a way that enhances the pleasure for both of you. Sexual grinding is based on friction, and applying it to the areas that will stimulate all the right nerve endings.

How to Grind - FOREPLAY

For women, it's common to grind against their male partners by sitting in their lap. That makes for a lot of sexy friction and mutual stimulation, and that makes it a popular move for exotic dancers too.

But, grinding against a leg, back, or really anywhere is a wonderful way to stimulate the clitoris and so it's a move that lesbian couples enjoy as well. For men, depending on the position, it's usually more comfortable - and fun - to grind against a partner lying down.

Front or back, the stimulation can be fun whether the partner is a man or a woman, since there are sensitive nerve areas around both the clitoris and the anus. The only caution is that male-male couples have to be a little more careful about grinding from the front in sync so that it’s all pleasure and no pain.

How to Grind - INTERCOURSE

After the foreplay, sexual grinding can make intercourse more pleasurable, and even last longer. During penetration, the man can slowly grind his hips against his partner as he thrusts, adding to the sense of movement inside him or her.

On the receiving end, grinding the hips as your partner thrusts can have the same effect, and also increase clitoral stimulation for women.

Sexual grinding is the ultimate WIN-WIN situation!

Have Fun and Explore!

Sex is all about having fun and exploring your partner’s body. Sexual grinding just adds to the pleasure with movement and friction that will help both partners, male or female, enjoy foreplay and intercourse that much more.

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