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Introducing the Pompoir Technique: A Guaranteed Route to Sexual Ecstasy

All over the world people have been seeking fool-proof routes to sexual pleasure, ever since humans started making love. This has led to the invention of some pretty sophisticated sexual methods, and one of the most famous of these is the Pompoir.

radiant blonde on top of her guy while doing pompoir
With the Pompoir each fiber of her being is on the sexual act.

Thought to hail from south-east Asia, the Pompoir involves teamwork between male and female partners. The woman uses her powerful vaginal muscles to stimulate her partner, without moving her other muscles an inch.

Every fiber of her being is concentrated on the sexual act, the idea being that the minds and bodies of the two partners fuse in the passion of the moment.

Here's how it works.

The Pompoir is Hard to Perfect but Almost Always Succeeds

Discipline is key to carrying out the Pompoir properly, along with highly developed muscles. The basic technique goes as follows:

  • The woman sits on top of her partner as still as possible.
  • Then, she clasps onto her partner's erect penis and uses her muscles to stroke it, creating a rippling motion via her pubococcygeus muscles.
  • Eventually (and it usually doesn't take long) the extra pressure and stroking motion produces an intense orgasm for the male partner, and usually for the woman as well.

Build Up Your Muscles for the Perfect Pompoir

All of this sounds simple, but it's not. To carry out the Pompoir properly, women need to develop their pelvic and vaginal muscles, allowing her to squeeze, contract, push and pull in a smooth, regular motion.

If you try this without building up the muscles, you'll find out that it's easy for a few seconds, but tough over a period of minutes. That's where specific Pompoir exercises come in handy. Kegels are the best ones to try (and they have added benefits like helping with incontinence later in life).

Just tighten your pelvic muscles for periods of 10-20 seconds before relaxing them. Alternatively, practice on your partner's penis. Don't expect instant mastery of the Pompoir technique but after a while, you should find your vaginal muscles strengthening.

An Ancient Technique With a Spiritual Core

One of the great things about Pompoir sex is that it has been tried and perfected over thousands of years. In sanskrit, Hindus call the position milking the "lingam with your yoni".

For centuries, women skilled in the art were venerated as Kabbazah ("one who holds"), because of their highly developed muscles, and their skills were coveted by kings and emperors. These days, anyone can become a Kabbazah, but it takes effort.

However, when the two of you reach sexual heights never before experienced, all of the hard work will seem worthwhile, that's for sure.

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