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A Naughtier Pearl Necklace For Her

Usually a mark of WASPs and high-society, conservative wives, these kinds of pearls are authentic but not exactly the kind you'd wear in public. In fact, this is one kind of necklace you wear only in private - but, rest assured, if you're a woman with a male partner, he might be even more excited than you are.

Pearl necklace on woman's breasts
Getting a pearl necklace can be extremely gratifying

What is a Pearl Necklace?

The term is a clever play on words that describes the act of a man ejaculating on a woman's throat, neck or breasts. It is meant to describe the trail of semen that would go circle around the woman's upper chest or around her neck.

Getting an actual pearl necklace -- that is, having actual droplets of semen go around a woman's neck -- is a tricky feat to accomplish but, hey, as with anything, practice makes perfect.

Getting one of these necklaces usually happens after a tit-fuck, where a man puts his penis between a woman's breasts and she moves up and down until he orgasms right on her chest or neck.

If She's Up for It, Give It to Her

As you can imagine, this is not something that you want to surprise your partner with. But don't shy away from the topic either. Start with a conversation about how sexy you think it would be to try a tit-fuck get her all lubed up.

Don't assume your partner won't be up for it because it can be incredibly gratifying for her to have the sense of getting you so aroused that you cum on her chest. It's also a lot safer to cum on her neck than her face, anyway.

If she gives you consent and she wants to explore sexually with you, a tit-job might be just the act to spice things up.

What to Do to Get a Pearl Necklace

If you're the benevolent woman reading this, getting this kind of necklace from your lover can feel like a huge turn-on. And, it's rather relaxing and sensual for you, too, because you don't necessarily have to get on your knees.

Start by rubbing lube on and between your breasts. You can make this a part of the foreplay and he'll love to watch you touching your breasts sensually.

Then, you can lie back and have him put his penis between your breasts and use your hands to push them closer together, wrapping his shift and head. Clasp your fingers together for added (ribbed!) friction and he'll really love the sensation.

Make sure to look up at him occasionally because eye contact is a huge part of the arousal. You can encourage him verbally or make sounds of approval. And, if you really want to push him over the edge, lick the head of his penis as it comes up towards your neck.

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