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A Guide to Mastering Nyotaimori

From the days of wine-fueled Roman orgies, food and sex have gone together, but no people have turned the combination into an art form like the Japanese.

sushi rolls on lady´s back ready for a Nyotaimori session
A Nyotaimori party can be a way to expand your culinary and sexual horizons.

During the era of Samurai warriors, a practice developed known as Nyotaimori, or "body sushi" to westerners. Still a popular sexual and gastronomic practice, Nyotaimori involves placing pieces of sushi across the body of a naked woman.

Although it started out as a way to celebrate military victories, it's now just an enjoyable aspect of Japanese private life, and has spread across the world.

How to Do Nyotaimori the Japanese Way

As with many Japanese activities, Nyotaimori has to be carried out according to certain rules. It's not a simple matter of adding a little salmon or tuna to stick rice, before consuming it from your partner's breasts. First of all, the person serving as the "plate" needs to master the art of lying still. Historically, this would have been done by highly-trained Geishas.

Nowadays, anyone can do it, but it demands discipline to avoid spilling the precious food. Ideally, they will also have bathed thoroughly before dining, then doused on cold water.

Prepare the Meal to Enjoy Nyotaimori Properly

Next, rings of leaves or seaweed are placed across the body of the person, so the sushi won't stick (and for hygienic reasons). Placing the sushi is a skill in itself, as it is vital to find places where the food won't slip or topple.

Now comes the main event - dining. When participants come to eat, the model has to lie perfectly still. She can't even speak to diners, creating the illusion of lifelessness (and submission). Diners don't eat directly from the model. Instead, they are encouraged to use chopsticks, creating further distance from the model.

How to Make Nyotaimori Even More Erotic

Much of the time, Nyotaimori takes place in public restaurants - but it doesn't have to be like that. There's no reason why you and your partner shouldn't expand your culinary and sexual horizons at the same time by indulging in a little sensual sushi.

It might not be traditional, but you can use fruit or chocolate instead of fish (which not everyone finds erotic). And you can use your tongue around your partner's nipples, belly and vagina to enhance the experience as well. However, many people prefer to keep Nyotaimori as authentic as possible.

If so, why not invite friends around for a Nyotaimori party? You'll find professional modeling agencies offering trained models in most major world cities.

If you choose a friend, try to get them to wax and shave their bodies - and make sure they know the score.

Whether you choose to go it alone, attend restaurants or organize parties, Nyotaimori is a great way to blend gourmet food and sexy fun.

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