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A Brief Guide to Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is the art of erotic massage — invented and perfected in the Japanese city of Kawasaki. This intimate and sensual activity involves one or more masseuses rubbing their naked body against someone in a sexual manner.

nuru massage is in process
The best of an erotic massage with the nuru technique!

Using an odourless lotion or oil, the masseuse gyrates, slides and bounces all over the recipient’s body in a way that both relaxes and arouses.

The History of Nuru Massage

The word “nuru” is Japanese, and it means slippery and smooth. The practice was developed as a way of delivering health and sexual benefits at the same time. Practitioners use nuru gel to deliver this sensuous massage, which is made from seaweed leaves.

The active ingredient is called sulphated polysaccharide fucoidan, which is found naturally in seaweed. Individual masseuses have their own extra ingredients such as azulene and chamomile.

There are hundreds of massage parlours in Japan offering this service, which often ends in hand relief, oral sex or full sex. These services are legal in most Western countries, as any sexual “extras” are considered to be private acts between two consenting adults.

How Is It Administered?

Nuru gel is applied by hand to the entire body of the recipient. Pressure is applied by the masseuse in several ways, including by hand, arms, breasts and legs. In some cases, this involves the masseuse mounting the recipient or client. This very intimate contact triggers a range of sensations, which can relieve stress and tension.

Some nuru masseuses use a combination of mood lighting and music to create a sexually charged atmosphere. However, there is usually very little communication between a professional masseuse and the client.

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