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Motorboating: A New Kind of Sexual Sport

When you try to look up "motorboating" on the internet, a funny clip of Vince Vaughn in "Wedding Crashers" comes up. No doubt, this - and countless other 80s and 90s comedies made liberal use of the term and had no problems depicting it.

what about motorboating now?
Make that motorboating fantasy happen, don't waste more time!

Less it need to be said, it doesn't have anything to do with boating on a body of water. Although, as an interesting aside, it's also a term for the noise made when audio equipment malfunctions, producing the same kind of noise made by motors.

Coincidence, or some creative engineer's tongue-in-cheek appropriation? We'll let you decide.

What Is Motorboating?

Motorboating means the action of putting your head or face between a woman's breasts and moving from side to side, rapidly, as you make blow out, making a noise sort of like a motor boat.

The image and sound produced when you're nuzzling a woman's breasts in this way is rather hilarious and if she laughs, chances are, she grew up on the same insane comedies as you, when you first learnt this "technique".

It, of course, helps if your woman's decolletage is, ahem, ample and generous enough to be able make this sort of noise although you could, technically, do it with smaller-chested women as well.

Why It's so Popular

While the noise and action do really nothing for a woman, in terms of pleasure, being able to motor boat a woman, especially one with heavier or larger breasts, seems to be the fantasy of every male - from adolescent to grown.

It can just be a funny action you do once to signal to her how fabulous her breasts are and how much you enjoy them (visually and otherwise) but it can be a huge mood killer if you do it more than once - so for the sake of everyone involved, keep motor-mouth at a minimum.

There does seem to be something about larger breasts and a perceived ability to "get lost in them" that fascinates straight men who appreciate breasts.

Other Ways to "Handle" Her Breasts

Because we're on the subject anyway, we thought we'd enlighten you. There are other, more seductive (and subtle) techniques to appreciate her breasts, so here's a quick primer.

First off, breasts have three main erogenous zones:

  1. Her nipples (obviously)
  2. The areolae (science-y-sounding term for the darker areas around the nipples)
  3. The breasts themselves

Sure, you could run your palms flat against them, tweak her nipples and even run your tongue up and down. She'll love the sensation and it'll definitely get her going. Not to mention, you'll finally be able to indulge your urge of fondling that soft, erotic spot.

Remember that women's bodies - the way they respond and the way they're aroused - all come down to slow and steady. Foreplay is incredibly important to her arousal, and if you can draw it out, you'll be well-rewarded later on. While men can stand at attention pretty quickly, women's bodies take more time and attention to "turn on".

But it's also all about subtlety and nuance. Her sensitive breasts are a win-win situation for you, especially if you use this technique.

With her back facing your front (so you're caressing her from behind), start with your palms against her breasts. Let them hover there, even mere millimeters from her skin, but don't make actual contact.

She'll automatically lean in to your palms by arching her back. At this point, when you feel her nipples reach your palms, rub them gently in circles. Gentle rubbing is the key here.

Then, start to take this "barely-there" movement outwards, towards the rest of her breasts but hover once more. The action will excite her because it's the microscopic hairs on her breasts and the super-sensitive nerves under her breasts that are both anticipating touch and feeling it happen lightly.

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