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Everything You Need to Know About Jelqing

The size of a man's penis is still a matter of huge pride to many men. Not only is it still regarded as a sign of masculinity and sexual prowess, it is directly associated with the sexual gratification of a partner.

guy making the jelqing technique
With the Jelqing Technique you will get a longer, wider and harder penis!

Some men will go to great lengths to increase the size of their penis. One way to achieve this is to perform a few simple exercises before sex.

"Jelqing" refers to the practice of stroking the penis in a certain way when it is partially erect. This is done in the belief that it increases the size of the organ when fully erect.

This technique delivers an effect similar to many of the penile pumps on the market today. The idea behind the method is to get more blood into the penis, therefore making it longer, wider and harder.

How to "Jelq"

Some leading sex experts and physicians warn against this practice, as in rare cases it has been known to cause damage.

However, the process is as follows:

  1. Start by taking a warm shower.
  2. Find a natural lubricant - coconut oil is perfect for the job.
  3. Using your forefinger and thumb, make a circle.
  4. Place your fingers around the base of your penis and squeeze gently.
  5. Slowly work your fingers towards the tip.

This should help the blood to move up the penis - making it engorged with blood.

EXPERT TIP: This is not like masturbating, where you move your hand up and down. The only motion your hand should be making is towards the top of the penis.

After a few strokes you should notice that your penis has become partially erect. At this stage, you should stop stroking. Repeat the process for around 15 minutes - taking a short break every five minutes or so.

Over time, blood will flood into the penis and the surrounding areas, which can facilitate a very hard erection. It's worth noting that this process is not pleasurable in the slightest. And in some cases, it can actually be painful.

Still, there are some serious risks involved in this process, and the vast majority of doctors warn against it. Some men have snapped nerves along the shaft as a result of jelqing, which results in numbness and flaccidity.

As feelings of inadequacy are mental rather than physical, the best thing you can do if you're worried that your penis is too small is visit a therapist.

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