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What Does it Mean to be a Hotwife?

As the name suggests, a hotwife is both "hot" and a "wife", but she's a lot more than that too. Hotwives are women who have sex with other men, with the agreement of their husbands.

hotwife organizing her next encounter
Being a hotwife is as much about performing on camera as in bed

Generally, they start out as swingers, before developing a taste for sleeping with strangers in the presence of their husband. It's a way of creating open marriages, where the woman can explore her love of sex, and the husband can enjoy a voyeur relationship. Hotwiving is an extension of swinging, which has been around for thousands of years and has millions of participants in the modern world.

What Does it Take to be a Hotwife?

Hotwifing isn't a simple role to play. To do it properly, the couple involved need to have a solid relationship. The man needs to be comfortable with allowing his wife to enjoy sex with others, and the wife needs to be happy to let her husband take a back seat.

However, if you are thinking about experimenting, don't be afraid to do so. Surveys have found that more than 60 percent of swinging couples reported that their marriages had become happier after they started sleeping around. So it could galvanize your relationship.

How the Web has Turned Hotwifing into an International Phenomena

The advent of a global pornography industry and cheap, high-quality digital video cameras has allowed a niche practice to become global. Now, being a hotwife is as much about performing on camera as in bed, and skillful performers are highly sought after.

These days, there tends to be a racial element to hotwivery as well. Many guys and wives (particularly in the USA) seek out African-American partners for their sexual encounters, adding a little more excitement for the husband.

Still, there are no rules about who can participate. Every kind of husband and wife is involved, all over the world.

How Does Being a Hotwife Relate to Cuckoldry?

Many people confuse hotwiving with cuckoldry, but the two are separate sexual practices. In the first instance, hotwives agree to have sex with strangers and there is no sense that the husband is being shamed. Instead, it's simply fulfilling his sexual desire, and allowing his wife to reach her sexual potential.

With cuckolding, there is a complex psychological dynamic between the cuckoldress, the cuckold and the bull, where the cuckold is made to feel degraded as he is forced to watch his wife being taken by another guy. That kind of dynamic rarely happens where sex involves hotwives. In the later case, it tends to emerge from the swinging (or wife swapping) scene and usually involves lighthearted, casual affairs.

Nevertheless, that doesn't mean hotwives can't be cuckoldresses. The dividing line is very easy to cross, so beware.

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