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FROT: The Male Equivalent of Scissoring

In essence, frotting is the act of gaining sexual pleasure from rubbing one's genitals against another persons. It is most often used to refer to penis-to-penis rubbing but may also refer to dry humping between a man and a woman.

couple frotting with great pleasure
Frot will become your new favorite sexual practice!

It is considered by many to be the male equivalent of lesbian scissoring though the terms are not interchangeable. Frotting as a practice is believed to have been around for thousands of years and even appears in the animal kingdom.

The modern definition of Frot came to be formulated in part through an intense debate that grew up among gay-rights activists arguing about the merits of frotting as an alternative to anal sex.

However, in the modern era, it is most often enjoyed as one among many sexual adventures practised by gay and straight couples.

Equality in Pleasure

Fans of frot enjoy it in part because of its ability to offer simultaneous stimulation to both partners. While this is also possible during anal sex, it is not always the case.

Frotting also eliminates the dominating/dominated interplay that is often a part of anal penetration, as both partners are operating on an equal and mutual field of pleasure seeking.

This mutual pleasure seeking is also the case when it comes to male/female dry humping although studies have indicated the man gets more pleasure out of these interactions.

Safe Sex

A great part of the debate that sprung up around Frotting in the eighties and nineties was the benefits of the practice as a safe sex alternative to anal sex.

Because of its non-penetrative nature, frotting minimizes and even eliminates entirely the risk of contracting several kinds of sexual diseases. These include HIV. However, STD's that can be transmitted by skin contact are still a risk.

Tips for Enjoying a Good Frot

There are a few things to keep in mind if you want to get the most out of frotting. First, don't be afraid to explore the area.

While it might seem pertinent to focus on the 'money' areas, the whole genital area is rife with erogenous zones and sensitive nerve endings for both men and women, so don't be afraid to get a little grind going.

Second, if things are not happening exactly the way you had hoped, add in a few toys. You'd be surprised by what a little pubic vibration stimulation can do for a session of frot.

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