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FLESHLIGHT - Flashlight Outside, You Choose the Inside

What exactly is a Fleshlight? It’s a discrete sex toy for men, in essence. The outer case, made of sturdy material, is shaped like a cylinder, and it genuinely looks like a fairly large flashlight.

hot man ready for the Fleshlight
The Fleshlight was made to fill that naughty gap!

That makes the Fleshlight portable and reasonably discrete. On the inside is an interior sleeve, with color, type of orifice, and other options designed to enhance pleasure.

The inside sleeve is made of a soft polymer designed to have a flesh-like consistency, and the outer orifice can be fashioned as a vagina or as an anus.

While the Fleshlight casing is smooth, the opening of the orifice has a very realistic look. There are also many color choices for the Fleshlight interior from a range of natural flesh tones to pinks, clear, and crystal blue. Interior texture is another option available that can enhance pleasure.

Cast from Real Porn Stars

Each Fleshlight model features a uniquely shaped interior sleeve that is named after the porn star it is based on. A body cast is used to recreate the vagina of each porn star, giving users the feel of a real woman they can actually watch on screen as they masturbate.

Together with the soft, flesh-like material, the Fleshlight's texture options create a range of sensations that enhance masturbation. A natural feeling texture is one option. A swirling texture is another choice that will create friction during penetration.

There are also ridges and a scalloped texture that undulates in a regular pattern. Other options incorporate a variety of irregular textures so that the sensation changes the deeper the thrust. Each porn star chooses a signature texture, so that each Fleshlight model is unique.

Designed for Discretion

The Fleshlight’s design incorporates practicality and pleasure. Size and shape are important when it comes to sex toys, and it was a major consideration going into the design of the Fleshlight.

Its sleek exterior and compact size mean that it can be shipped discretely. It can also travel easily, which is convenient for men who travel for work.

Created for Men in the Real World

Designer Steve Shubin was motivated by a lack of really effective and practical sex toys for men on the market. Along with casual use, there are many men who may be disabled or have other conditions that make relationships with women difficult, and the Fleshlight was made to fill that gap.

The Fleshjack, made by the same company, is a product similar to the Fleshlight made for gay men.

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