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What is Felching?

Felching is the practice of sucking your partner's semen from their anal cavity. Put like that, it seems like a fairly niche activity, but it's actually surprisingly popular. The practice first emerged among homosexual and countercultural communities, coming to the attention of writers and commentators in the 1970s.

woman ready for getting felch
Finding the right position is important to felch well.

These days, felchers are as likely to be straight as homosexual, and it is a commonly known, yet still rarely discussed aspect of sexual relationships across the world.

How to Master Basic Felching Techniques

Are you intrigued by the idea of using your mouth to extract semen from your partner's anus? If so, read on.

Although it might sound simple, learning how to felch well (and pleasurably) actually requires a little expertise.

Firstly, make sure that both partners are comfortable with ejaculation inside the anus. Obviously, this has to be unprotected for the felcher to be able to suck out their semen, so think about safety aspects before proceeding. Now, think about props.

You might want to add some extra ingredients (whipped cream, chocolate, butter), if your partner doesn't mind. Now, find the perfect position. Legs spread, crouched above your open mouth tends to work well, allowing the semen to drip downwards naturally.

What About Group Felching: Is that a Thing?

One of the theories about felchers is that the practice started as a group activity. When (probably) gay guys got together for group sex, someone suggested that they all ejaculate into one of the party, usually a submissive member. Then, when they had finished, one of them would suck out the collected semen and either consume it or find another use for it.

This often involved "snowballing" - sharing the semen with other group members via kissing.

Nowadays, if you join your local group sex community, you'll probably come across women who love being felched by groups of guys, and even lesbians who like to recruit guys to provide the ingredients for a felching session.

As the practice becomes mainstream, finding a group felch isn't as hard as you might think.

How to Become a Regular Felcher

If you love the idea of sucking semen from your partner (or a stranger's) anus, learning how to felch is probably easier than ever. With so many sexy encounters websites around, felching has become just another fetish, and you can expect to find hundreds of felchers in a large-sized city like Sydney or New York.

Often, you'll come across the practice as part of more varied swingers parties. For instance, what might start as a bukkake session can easily come to involve felchers at some stage.

So, if you are into the practice, finding an opportunity to felch shouldn't be hard.

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