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Getting A Facial

There are two ways of getting a facial: there's the kind you book in advance and relax for and then there's a kinkier facial that gets you all worked up. This second meaning is a slightly humorous but effective slang way to describe the action of a male partner who ejaculates on his or her partner's face.

lady's face after getting a facial
A facial can bring your partner sexual pleasure and gratification.

It can be highly arousing because there is a visual element to it and the practice was popularized publicly in porn. Getting a facial, though quite common, is an act whose meaning is highly contested. But, depending on how you practice it and who you're experiencing it with, a facial can be a positive gesture.

How to Make the Experience Positive

On the surface, a facial can seem demeaning or look to be a symbol of one partner's domination and control of the other. But since sex is not just something you do, it's also a place you go, who you're venturing there with makes all the difference.

For some people, intimate partners who they've been with long term give them a sense of trust that allows them to let go and engage in role-playing. For a night, they can be "that woman".

For others, there is the sense that they can't bear to do this with their long-term partners and have their partner's view of them change.

Nonetheless, they are more comfortable taking it on the face during hookups. There is a sense that they'll never have to see each other again and so it can be okay to become explore and unleash your fantasies with a stranger.

What Does It Mean?

When you engage in this kind of sexual release and play, it can feel as though this is a singular action that's only meant to demean and assert one person's power over a more submissive partner.

But the meaning of the act is really based on one's view of sex in general as well as how you view your current sexual relationship.

If sex is something that you and your partner view as positive, then having someone ejaculate on your face becomes less about a submissive act and more about sexual pleasure, gratification and even the idea of choice.

In fact, partners who want to give the gift of a facial but don't necessarily want it all over their face can exercise a modicum of control. Once your partner is close, start stroking him and move the friction over to a hand job.

When he's ready, you'll be holding his penis and you can angle your face and place it where you'd like it to ejaculate.

Practicing Safe Sex

While there is nothing dangerous about having ejaculate or semen on your face, per se, it is still someone's bodily fluid and carries with it the risk of STIs.

Make sure both you and your partner are clean and free of all infections. Infected semen, especially when it gets in your eyes, could put your health at risk so make sure you're both tested.

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