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Edging Is Bringing Sexy Back

Quite a clever term is "edging" -- and, no, it doesn't describe walking a tightrope across two buildings at a height nor is it walking around the "edge" of those tall skyscrapers fitted in naught but a jumpsuit and a harness.

couple taking a brake after edging
Go into the edge with your partner and get an erotic ectasy in return.

Edging refers to a popular sexual practice that you can undertake alone as well as with a partner and have it be just as sexually pleasurable. And you can't say that of many acts today so play close attention!

What It Is

"Edging" describes the deliberate sexual practice of coming to the "edge" of one's orgasm -- and then backing off. Essentially, you want to work yourself up (and your partner) to the point of no return - only to return back down in a deliberate manner.

Now, as you can imagine, holding off, dropping and and climbing back up again doesn't only require tons of self-discipline, it also requires you control and for you to know the cues of your body, how far you can go and what the true point of "no return" really is.

That threshold is different for everyone so control and awareness of your erotic boundaries will come in time.

Interestingly, this idea of holding off on sexual gratification is very much steeped in Tantric sex. So if you've wanting to explore that realm, why not start off with something "easy"?

A Primer for Beginners

To get started in this practice means you're at the end -- get it? But wait, there's an Act Two and an Act Three and, if you're really good, even an encore.

While you may be used to speeding up into a natural frenzy of erotic ecstasy, be present and in the moment by slowing down instead. Take note of how far you are and how little you need to tip over into an orgasm.

Hold here by taking deep breaths into your stomach or internally squeezing your pelvic floor muscles (the sensation should feel like holding in urine) to hold it back. And you can also rely on the old start-and-stop method of getting to the edge, taking a short break, then working yourself up again.

Don't make the mistake of distracting yourself with another activity that isn't erotic. Simply move your attention to something else. For example, if you're with a partner, take a break to kiss deeply rather than keep going.

Take It To The Next Level

Practice is going to be what helps you take this to the next level. If you're heading to the "edge" and returning with a partner, you can make it a naughty and sexually playful game where each of you are rewarded if you successfully hold back (oral sex, anyone?).

Or you can even get kinky by telling your partner you have control over how far they go and whether they're able to orgasm or they must wait for your green light.

The real pros can delay sexual gratification over several days and sessions and while you don't have to go as far, when you do come, it's going to be pretty explosive -- no pun intended.

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