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Dogging: A Brief Introduction

At its most basic, being a dogger involves strangers meeting in a predetermined location to have sex. There's usually no limit to the number of people who can attend, but the organizers may choose to set boundaries regarding what kind of sex is involved.

girl meeting man to start dogging
A dogging classic meet-up is where people park up, because...

However, as most people choose to become doggers in order to experience the thrill of having sex with complete strangers, anything is possible at most public sex meetings.

More than Just Having Sex in Public

There is a difference between dogging and group orgies in public places. When people dog, the meeting has to be announced in advance. This usually means advertising the meet-up location and time on internet forums so that a community of doggers can know where and when to arrive.

So there's usually a network of people who arrange their public sex sessions and know the best local spots to stage their events.

A Practice that has been on the Fringes of Legality

Do you remember the 1990s, when various celebrities were found to be engage in fucking next to suburban highways? Well, there's a reason for that.

Doggers have tended to gravitate towards the urban fringe, where the authorities can't easily track down participants, and everyone can get there by car. This has created a tight connection between doggers and automobiles.

The classic meet-up is one where a group of people park up, open their doors and start fucking on the seats and on the chassis: it's part of the appeal that you can turn up, fuck and then drive off after a few minutes of raw sex.

How to Enjoy Dogging in Your Area

These days, public sex takes place nightly across the world. Wherever you are, from Cape Town to Cape Cod, you can be sure that doggers are organizing meets. When you attend a local public sex rendez-vous, you don't need to dive straight in.

In fact, one of the key dynamics in the dogging world is between the participants and those who watch. Every session draws voyeurs who are excited by the sexual spectacle, as well as people who can't resist the urge to sleep with total strangers.

How the Internet has Changed Dogging

Dogging used to be a very shadowy activity with a niche market. People have probably been sleeping with strangers for centuries, but the internet changed everything. When millions of outdoor sex fans became connected via the web, local groups started to expand.

Suburban parks and beaches started to gain a reputation for hosting massive meet-ups. Dating sites appeared that catered to a larger, more mainstream crowd. Nowadays, plenty of ordinary people love to get together, fuck and then leave.

They indulge their passion every week - something that you can thank the internet for.

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