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Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Dental Dams

If it sounds surgical, just relax. Dental dams are way more sexy and less like a trip to the dentist than they sound. You can use one to work up to a good orgasm or even indulge in some anal oral while keeping safe.

sexy brunettes wanting a dental dam to get started
Dental dam will contribute to those oral pleasures of yours.

What is a Dental Dam?

First off, let's clear the air: dental damns don't come from a dentist, though they were certainly inspired by them. Unlike the medical dam, a dental dam is used to give oral pleasure to a woman or engage in anal oral safely.

It's simply a rectangular piece of thin latex that is placed along the area so that you can pretty much lick anything without worrying about STIs. There is no direct mouth-to-genital contact, but the latex is thin enough to allow for ample sensation.

The latex forms a complete cover over the area to protect from the mixing of bodily fluids. Keep in mind that they're prone to moving around so they must be held in place with your hands.

Many women (and men) don't use these anymore but that's not because they're unpopular -- it's simply because people don't end up taking the kind of precaution they should. Less than 10% of couples use dental dams regularly even though they offer the most protection.

How to Use it Correctly During Oral

Before you start to pleasure your partner orally, if one or both of you have not gotten tested yet, use a dam to have fun anyway. Start with placing the dam on the area you want to pay attention to.

Have your partner lay on their back (or on their stomach, if giving anal pleasure) and place it on. You must hold the dam in place, either using your hands or your purchasing a harness. You can also enhance your partner's sensation but using a good lube. Choose either a water-based or silicone lube, depending on your partner's preference.

Don't switch sides or reuse the dam, once you're done pleasuring your partner. Avoid using spermicide on the dam as this is not good to swallow, if you're the partner giving oral. Dams are not just used for female-only partners and they don't need to only be used by women.

If you're a woman and your partner is a man, and he is agreeable to a little anal action, use one to keep things kosher around the anus.

Can I DIY a DD?

Yes, you absolutely can!

If procuring one from a drugstore is too much drama for you, make one out of a condom and you're good to go. Unroll the condom and then cut the tip off. Cut the rim on the base as well.

Then cut through it ones, on the length. You'll have a rectangular piece of latex that you can spread on the area. Again, you can use lube to heighten the sensation and use a harness to keep it in place. You can even get a flavoured condom to keep things fun.

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