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What is a Cuckold?

A cuckold (or "cuck") is a man who watches his wife having sex with other men, and enjoys the feeling of inferiority and submissiveness that comes with this situation.

husband cucking his wife with handsome man
There's no one way to be a cuck, which one is yours?

He will usually be physically separated from the couple having sex, although both the wife and the bull (who is brought in to fuck her) commonly taunt him with insults. The aim is to create a sense of humiliation and powerlessness, something that turns many guys on.

The term is derived from an old English term, which referred to men whose wives had committed adultery. That term itself came from the cuckoo bird, which proverbially lays its eggs in the nests of other species. In the same way, a cuckold's wife is "bred" by the sperm of the bull, replacing that of the husband.

How Does Cuckolding Differ from Other Wife Sharing Practices?

There's no one way to be a cuck. In fact, the practice can sometimes be hard to separate from conventional swinging relationships and hotwife arrangements, where husbands share their wives with other guys.

But there's definitely a big difference. For one thing, cucks are submissive. Their submission and humiliation are part of the event, while in hotwife encounters the husband can film or join in as he likes. When you are cucked, there's no room for sentiment: the aim is to brutalize husband and reduce him to a state of despair.

So there's a major psychological difference between the two sexual scenarios.

How to Try Cuckolding for Yourself

Before trying cucking for yourself, make sure that your wife is into the practice. She needs to take the lead and enjoy the experience, or she'll be unable to create the right feeling of humiliation. If you're confident that you are both keen, find the right bull.

This isn't always easy, but if you reach out to local swinging groups via the web you should have no troubles. You'll also need to agree how humiliated you want to become.

Are you a standard cuck or a cuckoldress?

In that case, your wife could "sissify" you (dress you in women's clothes), or feminize you in other ways.

Different Variations on the Cucking Theme

You could also try group sessions for a little variety. Some guys enjoy watching their wife being taken by numerous guys, while others like to see one man enjoying her all to himself.

Then there is the Cuckquean phenomenon. Sometimes wives like to take the position of the cuck, watching their husband sleeping with another woman. If you can find a friend who you already know, who doesn't mind being involved, the sensation can be heightened (which tends to apply for men and women alike.)

So experiment!!

Cuckolding can be great fun for husbands and wives, and you'll be surprised by how popular it is.

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