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A Feel-Good, Risqué Sexual Dessert: Cream Pie

This naughtier, kinkier, sexier version of the old American classic dessert is also "healthier" -- that is to say, a "cream pie" has nothing to do with what you eat.

Sexy girl in the middle of a cream pie
A cream pie, is more than delicious, sexually arousing...

Although, if both you and your partner are thinking about it, you can definitely order some off your own private menu.

What Is a Cream Pie?

The term Cream pie defines the act of ejaculating or cumming inside of a woman (vaginally or anally) or a man (anally) without a condom and so that the semen drips out in a visible way.

The visual image this gives to the partner who is ejaculating can be incredibly gratifying as it can feel as though he is the very picture of male virility. For the receiving partner, a cream pie can feel very risky and, therefore, sexually arousing, because it requires that no condom be worn.

The term is quite cleverly attributed because it's a play on the idea of a vagina as a "pie" and the "cream", which is obviously the male's semen. Using the term in casual conversation can allow for a veiled reference or double entendre, which is often used in movies and pop culture.

What Are the Risks?

Obviously, this act and the associating term have been popularized by pornography, in which scenes requiring absence of a condom can not only be more erotic but require actors to be paid more.

The stakes are definitely higher when a man ejaculates into his partner without a condom due to the prevalence of STIs and blood diseases. It's a risk that is obviously reduced between long term couples or couples who have been tested and have been monogamous for more than three months.

Of course, certain kinds of sex, like anal sex, are naturally more "risky" without the use of a condom because the rectum is more delicate, has more nerve endings and is often more susceptible to tearing. There is also no natural lubrication which, again, heightens the risk of the exchange of infected bodily fluid.

And, because it takes a while to stimulate the anus and enlarge it, the passageway for penile penetration is tighter and poses a greater risk.

Tips to Enjoying a Healthy Cream Pie at Home

If you love watching a good cream pie scene, don't shy away from this practice. Yes, you need to be aware of the risks.

But if you're with a partner long-term and you are both open and communicative with your sexual history, there's no reason why this should be off-limits.

If you're a female with a male partner, make sure to actively use a birth control method of choice before you engage, to avoid the risk of pregnancy. There are also certain angles that make a cream pie easier to facilitate.

Depending on the "size" of the deposit, you can experience extra dripping in mission position or on your knees in doggie. The best is being on your back with your legs up high.

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