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Cosplay: the Erotics of Animation and Imagination

So you want to make it a sexy night with your lover but you don't want to get too kinky. Roleplay is always great but there are only so many times you can dress up like a sexy nurse or innocent maid. When all is said and done and you're looking to spice things up, cosplay may be your next uncharted territory.

sexy lady dressed up as a school girl
Cosplay can become your new couple's fetish.

What is Cosplay?

Cosplay is a word coined for "costume play" which is exactly what it sounds like -- and so much more. Cosplay originated in Japan and finds its roots in Japanese anime culture. Men and women, teens and kids dress up at conventions and events as one of the characters from their favourite movies, tv shows or cartoons.

Pretty soon, cosplay made its way into the mainstream, with audiences in North America adding their takes on old-school comic characters and modern-day graphic novels. Today, cosplay has evolved into an amazing counter-cultural movement not just reserved for the nerds. In fact, many couples with a fetish for roleplay and a love for any of these so-called "fandoms" enjoy incorporating cosplay in the bedroom.

How to Bring it to the Bedroom

Any good introduction to roleplay begins with a good (and, if you're doing it right, naughty!) conversation with your partner. If watching Netflix and chilling out is a favourite past-time for you both (not to be confused with "Netflix and chill, of course), start a conversation after a movie or a tv show about what kinds of fandoms you were both into as kids -- or, even, what you're into now.

It doesn't have to be obscure. Characters you both love can be as common and mainstream as Lord of the Rings or The Avengers. Putting together the costume for bedroom cosplay is half the fun. Depending on who your character is, you have the chance to pay attention to all the bits that bring the character alive -- from costume to hair colour, make-up and even attitude.

The best part about bringing cosplay together with some sexy foreplay is the fact that it can allow you to experience a whole other side to both you and your partner. You can be overtly sexualized and not fear stigma or just by being in an unsafe environment with many others. If you're both really big fans of your fandoms, bringing these two characters together could mean a possible "cross universe mashup".

Why it's So Sexy

Cosplay is so alluring for many couples because it really calls on the imagination much more than roleplay ever could. It also allows couples to let go and explore their own erotic boundaries as characters. Some people may really need this disassociation to feel free and not judged.

At the end of the day, though, cosplay is what you make of it: give it a plot, some elaborate storylines, and bring your characters together in a taboo scene of raw sexual release after some build-up of tension.

You're welcome!

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