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Beauty and the Bull

You've likely heard of bull markets and bear markets. Bulls, in the sexual sense, refer to neither. Though the origin of the term is unknown, here's a hint.

Sexy bull about to humiliate the cuckold
The bull knows exactly what to do and he takes it without asking

The saying goes, there are two kinds of men: matadors and doormats. Bulls can only be matadors if they have a cuckold, the doormats, to begin with. Intrigued? Read on.

A Tale of Two Men

In a traditional cuckold coupling, "bulls" are the wife's "stud" or, essentially, her lover. Cuckold relationships are those between a husband and wife, where the wife emasculates her husband by having sex without his knowledge.

More recently, cuckold relationships are a fetish that involve a husband who actively participates, to varying degrees, in his wife's "infidelity", either by encouraging the relationship, watching her have sex with another man or even waiting for her to return with the juicy details.

Bulls in this case, denotes the wife's lovers, usually men who are sexually (though they can just as easily be average). In any case, he is clearly sexually confident and domineering. The term has a very definitive connotation as it immediately puts one in mind of men who have sexual prowess and stamina.

So it's not unusual for the "hotwife" in what is essentially an MMF coupling with a humiliation element to it, to be younger in years than her husband or for her lover or the "stud", to be younger than her. Many women who are mature do end with with younger lovers, especially if they have that sexual appetite and confidence.

Whether this guest male has sex with a "hotwife" in front of her husband and to what degree he participates in their cuckolding lifestyle really depends on how far the humiliation of the husband is meant to be taken. But all have one thing in common: this man knows exactly what to do and he takes it without asking!

What's In It for the Cuckold?

Cuckolds who like the idea of having a dominant female in their life are pushed further into the dynamic by the guest male. Like any true sub, it is actually cuckolds calling the shots - if the dynamic between the wife and cuckold is one of equality, that is - and though it is the wife's desires that is fuelling and sustaining the fantasy, he can also decide if the guest male's role is subordinate to him or not.

The dynamic between wife, cuckold and bull can become a lifestyle if the guest male is willing and ready to, first of all, guide the couple and be a part of their experimentation in a progressive and open way. If he's game and willing, and understands that he's part performer, part director, he can help increase the pleasure between himself and the wife as well as the intimacy between the cuckold and wife.

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