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What is a Black Sheet Party?

A black sheet party is slang for an orgy that's particularly made up of those who enjoy BDSM. During this type of sex party, attendees will engage with sex with one another with an emphasis on their mutual fetish for BDSM.

couple in the middle of a Black Sheet Party
Black Sheet Parties, for those whom like really dirty!

The attendees can range from straight to gay but may also include a large number of bisexual individuals, as well. These parties are equal opportunity, so individuals of any gender and sexual orientation are welcome to join.

Black sheet parties first began in the 1990's in larger cities, such as San Francisco. Over time, they have become popular in many more metropolitan areas. These sex parties are particularly geared toward those who love BDSM, which sets them apart from traditional orgies.

Tips for Attending a Black Sheet Party

If you're into BDSM (or bondage, dominance, submission, etc.), and have been invited to a black sheet party, it's important to know what to expect once you arrive.

The following tips can help make sure you have a safe and enjoyable time.

TIP 1. Safe Sex is a Priority

Those attending these types of parties must take safe sex seriously. This means condoms to be worn at all times and changed when sexual partners are changed. Those who do not follow this rule will generally be asked to leave.

TIP 2. Come Prepared

Bring a few condoms with you to make sure you are covered. However, at most black sheet parties, condoms will be provided by the host. If you want to play with any sex toys, in particular, then you're encouraged to bring those as well.

TIP 3. Be Respectful

Are you only going to watch others rather than engage in sex? Be respectful. If someone asks you not to watch them or to stand at a distance, accommodate them. It's also important to respect limits and understand some attendees will be more adventurous than others.

TIP 4. Find Your Confidence

At black sheet parties, most attendees do not know one another. These generally attract a wide range of people, which means you'll likely know nobody. Find your confidence to meet new people and try new things.

If you do, you'll be more likely to have a great time.

TIP 5. Clean Up

Things can get messy at a sexy party like this, so clean up after yourself in each situation. Most hosts will have wipes and towels so you can easily wash up and move on to your next adventure.

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